Tyrannosaurus rex (Antediluvia Collection)

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David Krentz, also responsible for sculpting and designing the Sideshow Dinosauria Collection, has created a line of dinosaur models on a much smaller and thankfully less expensive scale.  The Antediluvia Collection consists of dinosaurs all made in exactly 1/72 scale but don’t let the small size fool you.  They are still extremely detailed much like their larger Sideshow counterparts.

Unpainted photo provided by Postsaurischian
Painted by Griffin

Each model is delivered to the buyer unpainted and unassembled from its base.  Some patience with a little superglue is required to stick it onto the base (also nicely sculpted) but it’s really not a huge deal.  The model I will be reviewing for you today is Krentz’s rendition of the most well-recognized dinosaur of all time, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Painted by Griffin

This tiny tyrant is as scientifically accurate as it gets.  Its skull is the right shape, the eyes are little beady things and face forward, the teeth are varied in lengths and are correctly proportioned to the rest of the head.  The arms are the right length positioned with the palms inward not downward like they should be.  Seriously, if you want a good representation of a Tyrannosaurus, look at this model.

Painted by Griffin

The detail is awesome.  It really boggles my mind how fine it is on such a small piece.  Like I mentioned earlier, even the teeth are individually sculpted at varying lengths.  That’s impressive considering its only 1/72 scale.  The dino’s skin is adorned with plenty of wrinkles all over as well as well defined muscles in all the right places.  On the head and going down the spine is a series of raised spike-like scales as well.

The pose is not too active but still gives a high sense of movement and realism.  The dinosaur is mid-stride with each of its feet far apart yet firmly planted on the ground and the head appears to be surveying.  What is interesting is the fact that there are actually two poses that have been made.  The original, which is no longer available to my knowledge was slightly more active with only one foot touching the base.

Older pose of the model with one foot clearly off the base. Painted by Radman.

Like I mentioned earlier all of the models in this line are delivered unpainted so there is no paintjob or color application to review.  I will add, however, that this gives the recipient an opportunity to paint themselves a model in whichever way he/or she chooses.  Some people, on the other hand, choose to leave the figures unpainted, opting for a more white marble sculpture-type look.

I honestly would recommend this model to anybody who loves dinosaurs, let alone Tyrannosaurus.  It is truly a pleasure to own.  It is nice and small so it won’t take up much shelf space yet at the same time, has just as much flavor and detail as many larger models.  It is perfectly scientifically accurate as well.  The only situational downside is that it requires some do-it-yourself work with regards to gluing and painting if you so choose to do so.  Also, despite the fact that these guys are significantly cheaper than other bigger dinosaur models, they are still not cheap.  The Tyrannosaurus model costs 35 US dollars.  Smaller dinosaurs will cost less and likewise larger dinosaurs like the sauropods will cost more.  This just shows that despite, their sizes, these are still not toys.  Let me assure you though, with this line, you get exactly what you pay for.  They are every bit as detailed and beautiful as they are on the website.  They can be ordered from Krentz’s website here.  http://www.davidkrentz.com/Krentz_Presentz_Sculpture/1_72.html

Special thanks to to Postsaurischian and Radman for contributing photos of their own models alongside my own to make this review better.

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