Tyrannosaurus rex (kinto favorite collection)

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Ah, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex! One of the coolest dinosaurs ever. However, most replicas of this guy are rather crude and don’t do the dinosaur justice – But this one by kinto surely does!

Tyrannosaurus rex (kinto favorite collection)

Let’s start off with the sculpt. Quite simply, it’s very good. The detail is insane, it rivals that of the Papo Tyrannosaurus! The legs are very nice and thick, not extremely thin like some of the Carnegie Collection theropods. There are even little scales sculpted on the toes of this beast, like many (if not all?) birds have today. The hallux toes are separately sculpted and point backwards, maybe by just a little too much. There are nicely sculpted traces of muscle and tendons in the legs and feet. The tail is very thick with incividually sculpted scales all over it, with the occasional wrinkle here and there (the wrinkles almost make the tail look fat though), and it is somewhat raised into the air. The arms are an appropriate size, and they aren’t pronated! That’s always a plus. There’s a lot of wrinkles around the chest area. The head and neck are turned to the right. The neck is correctly S-shaped and there are many wrinkles on the right side, just like there should be. The head itself is very nice. It has a very short and blunt skull, and it’s very wide. There are no towering pyramidal osteoderms over the eyes, instead there are those little “bumps” that are shown in the Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons. The eyes are appropriately beady, they are yellow with tiny black circular pupils suggesting that this was a diurnal animal. The nostrils are too high up on the snout, however, as it’s now thought that most dinosaurs had their nostrils more towards the end of their snouts. It has just about the right number of cream-colored teeth and a tongue is sculpted in the mouth, although it’s a little crude. The mouth is a purple-ish brown. The connective tissue at the back of the jaws isn’t painted purple or pink or anything, it’s just the same color as the rest of the animal– I find that odd, as most dinosaur reconstructions have them as a different color. The temporal fenestrae are nicely sculpted, but all other fenestrae appear to be missing. This figure stands very well on two feet and the sculpt is in 1/50th scale, making it slightly smaller than most other mass-produced Tyrannosaurus rex figures.

Tyrannosaurus rex (kinto favorite collection)

The color scheme on this figure is very nice. It’s mostly a sandy color all over, with darker brown stripes going down the body. The claws are all painted black. The stomach/underside isn’t painted a separate color, I wish it was. There’s at least three other color variations of this figure; two are extremely rare versions found only in japan, and the other is just like this figure but in a greenish color scheme.

Tyrannosaurus rex (kinto favorite collection)

Overall, this is an exceptional figure that belongs in every dinosaur lovers’ collection. This has to be my favorite T-rex I own. I give it 5/5. It’s available here: http://www.healthstones.com/

(another note- This is oftentimes advertised as a “soft” model, however this is most certainly NOT the case– It’s only soft compared to resin figures, but the plastic it’s made from is a little harder than the carnegie dinosaur figures but a little more soft than the unpainted invicta figures)

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