Tyrannosaurus rex (Nanoblock)

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“Welcome back once again, fellow dinosaur lovers! I, Dr. Bella Bricking, am about to review yet another Nanoblock set. And with me as always is the unflappable Beth Buildit!”

“Hey all. Today we’re tackling the big bad itself, Tyrannosaurus rex! And this time, Doc’s going to be doing the building! Let’s get to it!”


“Oh yes! I’m so excited for this, Beth!”

“Just don’t try to rush it, Doc.”


“Whew! You certainly weren’t kidding the last two times, Beth! This really is a challenging assembly. As we’ve noted before, these sets are not intended for children under the age of eight. Indeed, it should be noted for any parents reading this review that some of these pieces could present a choking hazard.”

“Or a foot hazard if you spilled them on the floor. Keep it up, Doc, you’ll make it.”


“And there it is, the Tyrannosaurus rex! From nose to tail tip, it measures slightly over 12 cm long and it towers over us with a height of 7 cm. Its body is dark red all over and it has translucent yellow eyes, a bright red tongue, and white for the teeth and the hind claws.”


“Not a bad job on this guy, Doc, not bad at all! It definitely captures the feel of a T. rex, what with those big chompers and those dinky arms. Nice active and modern pose too. Stands alright on its own, although I see you had to add a couple of extra bits on the feet to make it more stable.”


“Yes, Beth, we’ve been neglecting to mention that these Nanoblock sets always come with a few extra pieces in them, and a good thing that they do!”

“Action-wise, the mouth on this bad boy is on a ball joint and the end of the tail can be posed, but you want to be careful. For all its scary looks, this T. rex is pretty fragile. A fall off the shelf would shatter it to bits. Definitely more a display piece than a toy you can play with.”

“Well put, Beth. But despite its fragility, I find myself quite fond of this set. As you said, it successfully captures the essence of the tyrant lizard, and it’s undeniably adorable too!”


“So what’s next on the list, Doc?”

“We are actually done for now, Beth. We hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour through the world of Nanoblock, everyone. And the company has recently announced four new prehistoric sets on its website, so there’s a chance we’ll be revisiting Nanoblock in the future. Until then, this is Dr. Bella Bricking and Beth Buildit wishing you a fond farewell. Say goodbye, Beth!”


“Goodbye, Beth!”

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