Brand: Nanoblock

Stegosaurus (Nanoblock)

2.8 (5 votes)
“Hello, fellow dinosaur lovers! Yes, it is I, Dr. Bella Bricking, along with my dear friend and colleague, Beth Buildit! How lovely it is to see you again!”
“Hey folks.”
“Today we’ll be introducing something new to the Dinosaur Toy Blog: the first ever Nanoblock review!”
“What’s the deal, Doc?

Triceratops (Nanoblock)

3 (5 votes)
“Greetings, fellow dinosaur lovers! I, Dr. Bella Bricking, am back with another Nanoblock review! And where would I be without my trusty and beloved Beth Buildit?”
“I shudder to think, Doc. What’s on the table today?”
“Today, Beth, we shall be reviewing the Triceratops. Let us tear open the packaging and begin!”

“You know, Doc, this would probably go a lot faster if you helped out instead of just staring through your giant magnifying glass.”
“I’m examining the fine craftsmanship of the blocks and the clever design of the model, Beth.

Tyrannosaurus rex (Nanoblock)

2.6 (9 votes)
“Welcome back once again, fellow dinosaur lovers! I, Dr. Bella Bricking, am about to review yet another Nanoblock set. And with me as always is the unflappable Beth Buildit!”
“Hey all. Today we’re tackling the big bad itself, Tyrannosaurus rex! And this time, Doc’s going to be doing the building!
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