Tyrannosaurus rex (Super Colossal)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

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Review and Photographs by Cretaceous Crab, edited by Suspsy

This isn’t your normal Tyrannosaurus rex. This isn’t a huge T. rex, a giant T. rex or a extra-large T. rex. This is the Super COLOSSAL Tyrannosaurus rex!

The name says it all. This is pretty much the largest T. rex action figure ever, at least to my knowledge. Mattel advertises this big guy (or gal, I suppose, if it is supposed to be “Rexy”) as being 3 feet in length, and they are not kidding. In its most upright stance with the jaws open, it is nearly 2 ft tall. So before you purchase this figure, make sure you have enough toy box space if this is for a child, or you have cleared a whole shelf if it’s for your own collection. This T. rex is in a class of its own.

Along with being super-sized, the main interactive feature of the colossal Rex is that you can feed it up to 26 mini dinosaurs (sold separately in the same toy line). The jaws open extra wide to reveal a nearly hollow “gullet” that is approximately 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall. The “eaten” toys can be retrieved by a little hatch on the belly between the legs. This hatch has an irregular shape, but the opening is approximately 1.5 inches wide by 3 inches. So while it is designed for the JW brand miniatures and the blind bag dinosaurs, any toy that can fit down the throat can be fed to this giant dinosaur, including JP/JW brand human figures.

The body is mostly hard plastic, although the tail, neck, part of the head, and jaws have the softer “real-feel” scaly plastic texture. The legs are massive, along with the oversized feet, although this is the general design of JP T. rexes, and also for added stability for a VERY large, bipedal standing figure. The paint scheme is basic and not very detailed, but this toy is probably designed for some rough play, not as a high-quality model. The articulation in the arms and legs is also basic, just allowing forward-backward motion. The body can rotate (if the legs are in a fixed position), so the dinosaur can essentially tilt upward, be posed in the horizontal “normal” position, or lean downward (to eat tiny dinosaurs!). The tail is on a ball and socket joint, but can mostly just move side-to-side, not up-and-down.

In my opinion, one of the colossal T. rex‘s greatest features (its size!) is also its primary shortcoming, only in that it is not really to scale with any of the other JP/JW figures or vehicles. Additionally, it has no electronic sounds nor does it have any action features, such as pressing a button or rotating an appendage to make it kick or snap its jaws. The design is basic, but if the size doesn’t bother you, it is an attention-grabbing toy that can gobble up almost any JW mercenary, G.I. Joe, Star Wars figure, Minion, Smurf, Thomas the Tank Engine trains (wooden railway and smaller), large quantities of marbles, gobs of LEGO . . . the potential menu is vast. And the best part is that we finally have a T. rex figure that can take on the horrendous Indominus rex figure from the last film.

Retailing around $55 USD, the price of this toy is high but not “colossal.” The Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus rex is definitely worth the purchase for any child who loves dinosaurs, or the JP nut who has to have every T. rex action figure released.

Available from Amazon here.

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Comments 12

  • Jurassic Park inside a t.rex throat

  • My favorite version of Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex is the one that can roar.

  • When I look at this toy online at Amazon there is a size choice of Standard or Limited Addition? The Limited one is double the price but no details on what is different about it? Is it bigger? Different packaging? Anyone know?

  • I honestly think that this rivals the Kenner T. rexes-and we honestly should throw in the 2009 retooled Bull T. rex from Hasbro as well-in terms of overall quality and playability.

    In fact, I consider this a better toy then the Wild Safari Feathered T. rex and the Papo Running T. rex. Now I know that’s a loaded statement, but let me explain. I have both the Wild Safari Feathered T. rex and the multi-colored Running T. rex and while I love them, I consider them to be a bit too well made to be played with, especially the Feathered T. rex, which comes across as more of a work of art or a museum quality piece you’d see next to Sue, AMNH 5027, Stan, Scotty or whatever famous T. rex skeletons that are known. With this, this is a T. rex toy that makes no question about it being a toy. Built to handle fairly rough play, movable legs, arms, tail, and lower jaw, the ability to eat other smaller toys.

    In other words, while I love my Feathered T. rex and multi-colored T. rex, I view them as models rather then true toys, which is what I view this one as. Hopefully, people here can see where I’m coming from.

  • In which toy shop in UK I can buy it?

  • The Walmart version of this figure does actually have an electronic roar feature.
    and has battle scars painted on, but is otherwise identicle to this figure.

  • Definitely my favourite JP/JW Tyrannosaurus toy, was debating getting her but I think after seeing her in this review I’m definitely going to hunt her down!
    Shame about that overbite, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

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