Velociraptor (Carnage Dinosaurs by ReSaurus)

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Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy

Once again, I, Emperor Dinobot, will share some of my collection with the DTB. Here we shall have a look at the ReSaurus Carnage Velociraptor. I am really excited to review this figure because I took these pictures last year and I am now finally getting to review one of my most sought-after figures of all time.

Like the Protoceratops, this figure is not in scale with the bigger dinosaurs. It is super-articulated, with even the second pedal digit being articulated! This is an amazing figure once you hold it. The sculpt is original, it’s fresh, and it may be one of the best figures released of the dinosaur before the feathered dinosaur revolution. Is it perfect? No. Is it wonderful? I would have been super psyched to get this as a kid.

The main problem with this raptor, as is true for the rest of the line’s theropods, is that it cannot stand on its own, which is why it comes with a base just like the one that came with the Giganotosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus. Unfortunately, I do not have the original base for this, but you can see below how it would look like. This picture was taken while the dinosaur leaned on the wall.

I really like this figure’s colors. I don’t think we have seen a blue Velociraptor before this one. The details are really nice, but of course, it does not have feathers. Keep in mind this dinosaur is from the late 90s’. It also features pronated hands, which is troublesome, but artists had not caught up yet with the correct position. The skull is perfect and the detail is very nice. I wish the tail was somewhat longer though. It has a wire running within it, as it is the case for all of the Carnage dinosaurs, making it fully poseable. It measures 13″ long and stand 5″ high.

For some reason, my Velociraptor‘s tongue is always sticking towards the cranium. I would like to see if the Deinonychus has the same issue. It just looks kind of goofy and lovable.

Personally, I think this is a must-have figure. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get and I, once again, got extremely lucky when I found it. If you get it though, don’t forget to get a Protoceratops . . .

. . . for this reason alone. Happy hunting!

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  • where can i buy it at ?

  • Hi,im a great fan of jurassic park and all other films and i liked this model,how much is it? [im 13 years old and im italian]

  • Still got this guy, he was my favourite toy growing up 🙂

  • It is a great figure of velociraptor seems as if it had life. It is a awesome paleoartistic representation.

    Damn that it is one of the scarcest figures in the toy market.

    His colors are not so conservative because the red paint on his hind legs and his head gives an appealing image to this figure. You do not have to envy these figures to the dinosaurs of the franchise J P.

    Thank you for your excellent article Emperor Dinobot.

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