Woolly Mammoth (Mojö Fun)

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Review and photos by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

Should you not mind having the odd mammal or two in your dinosaur collection, you’d probably go for a woolly mammoth and maybe a sabertooth for starters. This toy here is not an essential mammoth in that case; if you rated prehistoric figures in a celebrity style scale we are not talking A-lister here. Maybe if you are a mammoth completist though. I sort of fit somewhere in between with regard to the best and the rest, hence this guy is on my shelves, and I picked it up for a reasonable price at the time.

If you were wondering what to expect from a figure by Mojö, then the brand’s full name might just provide a clue; ‘Mojö Fun,’ as distinct from say ‘Mojö Natural History’ or ‘Mojö Museum Range.’ Stylistically, I would place them closer to Schleich than Safari or CollectA for instance in terms of the look of their figures. Not in all cases though; their Hyaenodon and Deinotherium are quite naturalistic in comparison to some others in their line.

The mammoth has a foot in both camps but leans more towards the stylised, especially evident if it stands next to the Carnegie or EoFauna mammoths. It is sculpted just standing around in a neutral pose, gazing off into the distance. The fur detail is quite nicely done and it has the small ears and other characteristic features of this animal, though some elements of the anatomy have been fudged. For instance, in turning the figure over, it is hard to tell where the mouth ends and the trunk begins. The tusks have a curious curl back in at the ends and the tip of the trunk faces upward (for luck?).

There’s a nice gloss to add a lifelike glint to the tiny and otherwise lifeless black eyes. The body is coloured in basic brown with a darker dry brush to bring out some detail. This contrasts with the off white of the tusks, with a hint of orange at the point where they emerge from the fur. This mammoth is reasonably heavy and fits in nicely size-wise with a herd of these animals from other manufacturers, measuring just under 18 cm/7 inches in length and standing 13 cm/5 inches in height at the top of its bushy head.

Like I said, this is not an essential woolly mammoth figure, and is being rendered even less so by the minute in comparison to the quality of prehistoric pachyderms coming out from the likes of Safari, CollectA, and especially EoFauna.

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  • Poor bugger looks kinda sad 🙂 … If this Mammoth is made of the same material, Mojo uses for other figures (as the Allosaurus), it should make a nicer toy for children than those more accurate ones you named. That material is softer and more flexible than the ones used by Safari or so and the pose of the trunk allows carrying thing, while the tusks can scratch in the sand. As a kid I sure would have loved it, and it’s massive when compared with the Carnegie.

  • It is a pretty static figure but very well made. Mojo is a company that grows in quality year after year.

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