Spinosaurus (Famemaster)

Since the release of Jurassic Park 3, Spinosaurus has become one of the most popular and famous dinosaurs. However, there are still relatively few figures of Spinosaurus and even fewer good ones. The Famemaster 4D puzzle is one of the more reasonable ones.

spinosaurus famemaster

The Famemaster Spinosaurus has the long snout and tall spine typical for this species but there are various features absent in the figure – there is no hallux (innermost digit on the foot), one of the hand claws should be larger, and the snout and teeth (the mouth is open) are rather generic in shape. These errors may be attributed to the small size of the figure (although kaiyodo manage). The overall pose is very nice with the tail held high and swaying slightly. The arms are held out in front, rather reminiscent of the Jurassic Park figure. The colours in this paint version are spectacular orange with black-rimmed white spots like some sort or big cat.

The Famemaster puzzles are quite small, this one is13 cm long, but they have plenty of detail (which is apparently what the fourth ‘D’ stands for). They are larger than Kaiyodo but smaller than museum lines. They are made up of many small pieces which slot together, I can see them being pretty challenging for very young children, but they form a sturdy display piece when completed. No wobbly joints or loose pieces – the Spinosaurus for example, balances perfectly on two feet. The number of figures and the taxonomic diversity in the line has been growing rapidly in recent years and I think given their small size they will become increasingly collectible.

This figure is available here as a set of four for $23.99

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6 Responses to Spinosaurus (Famemaster)

  1. Does anyone know who sells these? Thanks

  2. I like Famemaster, my favorite series is 4D Visions puzzles

  3. Erm…

    *goes to check*

    No. It was in one of those eggs you get, with the dinosaur puzzle inside.

  4. Simon, is it a knock off version? Does it say ‘Famemaster’ on its tummy? I have seen a few poorer quality version of these puzzles around.

  5. I have an uncoloured one of these, from the Portsmouth Natural History Museum.

  6. I have the brown version, and it does tend to fall :-X

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