Acrocanthosaurus (2018 Version by Papo)

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Review and images by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs,’ edited by Suspsy.

I usually do not like reviewing a repaint of an original sculpt that has already been reviewed here on the blog, simply due to the fact that I am left with not much to talk about except for the new paint job. As you may all know, Papo has repainted many of their dinosaur figures; of the six known 2019 releases, half of them are repaints. But I must say that I am very satisfied with the one that I will be reviewing today: the 2018 version of Acrocanthosaurus.

Why am I very satisfied? Well, when I first saw photos of the original 2017 version, I thought it was a gorgeous sculpt, but unfortunately, the rainbow color scheme ruined it for me. I felt that if only Papo would repaint it, then I couldn’t be happier. And indeed, they did it! The gorgeous, dynamic sculpt mixed with the perfect, tiger-like color scheme is a perfect combination. I usually don’t like to spend money on repaints of figures that have already been made, but due to the fact that the 2017 Acrocanthosaurus is retired now and that I found out that the 2018 repaint is perfect for me, I bought it.

Well, obviously, I won’t be long with this review since the original 2017 sculpt and all its details, its pose, etc., have already been covered. Let’s come to the main point: the new color scheme. It’s why I bought this repaint. As I said earlier, this new paint job and the sculpt are simply a perfect combination together. It is very naturalistic and effective for a large theropod dinosaur to blend in its surroundings and hunt prey easily, like a modern day tiger camouflaged in the grass with its stripes and hunting down prey. The paint job for the body is beige with some large black spots near the torso, the high dorsal spines are of a rust brown color, and on each side of the ridge, there is a patch of light grey underlined by light black patterns. On the legs and running down the tail are black stripes, the head is of a light grey color, the small eyes are yellow with black pupils, the teeth are of a reasonable white (not as off white as in some figures), the inside of the mouth is a pale pink color, the underside of the feet are light brown, the underside of the body is grey and the claws are black.

As usual with Papo’s figures, this one is beautifully finished and durable, complete with its incredible details. I do not know if this has been said in the review of the original 2017 sculpt, but the sculpt is slightly shrink-wrapped. The fenestrae can be seen, but not to the point of bothering me. Let the images speak themselves because I think that I’ve finished with this review.

Well, that was my review of the 2018 color variant of Papo’s Acrocanthosaurus; I hope that you enjoyed it. As I said earlier, you have the choice of either the original 2017 rainbow color scheme (but get it quickly, because it is out of production now and may not be available much longer) or this repaint, or both. Both may be available online at eBay, Amazon, or wherever Papo’s figures are sold. Thank you for your attention and until next time! And for a little bonus, here is my entire Papo collection (for the moment):

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  • The Multi-Colored paint scheme worked for the upgraded T. rex, but it really felt a bit out of place on the Acro. The tiger stripe camo really gives it a proper personality, rather then a copycat.

  • Undoubtedly the new repainting of Papo’s acrocanthosaurus is an absolute improvement over its old rainbow version and most importantly enhances the beauty of that sculpture by far.

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