Allosaurus (Imperial)

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Review and photos by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy

My favourite dinosaur has been Allosaurus for many years. Recently I found this figure on eBay and when she came in the mail, she was bigger and prettier than I had imagined. That was when I knew I had to do a review. I searched high and low for a manufacturer name somewhere on the figure, and tried looking on the Internet, but all in vain. Still, though, I think this is a great figure that rivals even the name brand models like Schleich and Safari, so in spite of being unable to locate the manufacturer, I am going to go ahead and do a review of this pretty figure.

This figure got a number of things correct that many generic dinosaurs often make mistakes on. For example, I have seen Allosaurus figures that show the dinosaur with two fingers or even five. This one accurately possesses three fingers on each hand. It does not have one finger longer than the other two, unfortunately. It is also incredibly durable, something that I unfortunately can’t always say for Safari dinosaurs. I only had their Dilophosaurus one day before the arm popped off. The dinosaur is hollow, so it can be squeezed a little, but the plastic is nice and strong. There are no spindly pieces that can break off.The neck is nice and long, too, like an Allosaurus‘ neck should be. Often times the neck is too short in a number of other Allosaurus models, more like the neck of a Tyrannosaurus. The throat has something like a fan along its underside. The feet are a good size and are not oversized as they often are in some dinosaur figures. The colouring is interesting too; this figure reminds me of a reconstruction of Allosaurus that was popular when I was a kid.

The figure is tan with dark brown accenting on the top of the body and head, and a light green underbelly. The eyes are red with black pupils. I would like to point out that this figure is probably a female Allosaurus, as the ridges over the eyes are more rounded and less like horns. The figure also features lips around the teeth, which was a nice innovative touch for a figure that isn’t terribly new. The jaws are fused between the teeth, which lends some extra durability to the head. The nostrils and earholes are present. The figure does have a tripod pose, but that helps it to have a stable stance even if it isn’t perfectly accurate.

In short, this is a great Allosaurus, even though it’s not perfect. This figure is not expensive at all and is relatively easy to find on eBay. I got mine for $7.

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Comments 18

  • Hello! I have one of them . It is so similar.

  • Hey. I just wanted to let Suspsy know that I have since confirmed that the company that made this figure is Imperial so that now you can replace the “unknown company” with the correct name.

  • I hade this exact figure in my youth and it came in a bin of Dinosaurs that were made by Imperial. The line evean had a couple of obscuritys. like Ornitholestes and Coelophysis

  • Most “accurate” allosaurus I’ve ever seen

  • I have to say that, no, it doesn’t at all rival any of the Schleich or Safari figures. Others have covered that here. That said, though, if it brings joy to the owner, that’s all that’s really important. I love the figures that are as accurate as we can possibly make them, but I also have a great fondness for the type of clunky, old school dino figures I grew up with. This toy certainly has its charm.

  • Whether it competes with Schleich or Safari seems to me a debatable appreciation. Honestly I like the safari allosaurus and even Schleich’s are more finished than this figure to be sincere, with difference and no offense and with all the respect of the world this figure can be found in a Chinese shop.

  • This Allosaurus looks to me like John Sibbick’s Allosaurus and he was a paleoartist.

  • Well, I guess that’s a personal preference, the original Schleich Replicasaurus by Schleich boasts at least as many inaccuracies as this one, I mean, this unknown one at least has correctly oriented hands ūüėČ

    Not a collector of retro dinosaurs, but that one reminds me of an Allosaurus depicted in one of my first dinosaur books and I was really fond of.

    The overall texture and appearance reminds me of an UKRD (that right spelled?).

  • It rivals Schleich, but not Safari.

  • There’s no way that this toy rivals anything by Schleich or Safari. The head is all wrong, the neck is too long, the foreclaws are too small, the dewclaws are missing, the tail is too short, and it’s in an upright stance. Even the original Replicasaurus Allosaurus is better than this one.


    • How is the head all wrong may I ask? It’s got eyebrow crests, nostrils, lips, jaws, teeth, and earholes. It looks like an Allosaurus to me. And though it’s a tripod, the backbone looks horizontal to me. Allosaurus did have a long neck, too.

      • Just because it’s got some of the individual bits that go into an Allosaurus, doesn’t mean they’ve been put together correctly. This is probably the worst figure I’ve ever seen reviewed on this website. The only possible way this toy could “rival Schleich and Safari” is in its ability to be played with without sustaining damage.

      • Frankly, Bryan, that’s like arguing that Homer Simpson has an accurate human head because he has forward-facing eyes, a nose, a mouth, lips, teeth, and ears. I ask this question in earnest: do you know what a contemporary depiction of Allosaurus looks like?

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