Brand: Imperial

Allosaurus (Imperial)

1.3 (4 votes)
Review and photos by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy
My favourite dinosaur has been Allosaurus for many years. Recently I found this figure on eBay and when she came in the mail, she was bigger and prettier than I had imagined. That was when I knew I had to do a review.

Nothosaurus (Imperial)

2 (3 votes)

Review and photographs by Funk, edited by Suspsy

Nothosaurus was a widely distributed Triassic marine reptile with about a gazillion assigned species. Though it lends its name to the wider group Nothosauridae, it is probably fair to say the genus is obscure to most people. I can’t say I know much about it myself, but I happened to have this figure from since I was a kid, which I thought looked like Nothosaurus.

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