Allosaurus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)

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Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

Before Tyrannosaurus was discovered and became a palaeontological superstar, there was another theropod that filled the role of the quintessential prehistoric predator: Allosaurus. Featured in early dinosaur media (such as being the main predator in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel, The Lost World), Allosaurus has still been able to gain some of the limelight, helped by very complete remains with some incredible injuries (Big Al). As a result, the species featured in the second episode of Walking With Dinosaurs and a special, The Ballad of Big Al, where it was the central species. As a result, it had a figure made in the Toyway line.


The Allosaurus itself is 11” long and 4.4” high, making it a fairly large figure even in comparison with other members of the line. Again, it suffers from a stoic pose, which is a shame, but that is the result of being based on the in-show model. The colour scheme is fairly close to how it appears in show, with predominate grey all over, dark stripes, and red crests, although it does lack the tan featured in the show, and the red is less prominent on the figure. Maybe it’s a youngster. It also has a very clear cloacal opening. That’s all I have to say on that.


Accuracy is very good on this figure, as should be expected. The proportions of the limbs, tail, and torso are correct, and the hands and feet have the correct number of digits. It does feature an overbite, which some may dispute over whether or not it is correct. The crests are featured, but seem a little small (on a slightly small head overall). Maybe this really is a juvenile after all.


This is a great figure all around. Accurate and well detailed, it is well worth buying. As the line is retired and highly collectable, it is hard to find and expensive when you do. This is one of the harder figures of the line to find, much like the other predators in this line (only beaten in rarity and expense by the marine reptiles), so best of luck if you do wish to add this to your collection.


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Comments 3

  • Accurate to the model used in the show, maybe, but the WWD Allosaurus has a weirdly triangular head that doesn’t reflect the actual animal.

  • Yeah I picked this one up when it first came out, around the time of the series, before I really had a collection to add it to (now though…) Pity about the static pose but I am continually amazed at how well balanced it is on those small feet! Still given the number of Allosaurus figures out there I consider this one of the more accurate ones. Great review.

  • The only problem is its sustainability figure, the same will happen to the tyrannosaurus rex and laellynasaura of the same brand.

    Anyway it is a good figure.

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