Anatosaurus (Kleinwelka)

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With more and more Marx figures dropping in, I want to add something vintage from a German line that also calls for being completed on the blog. The history of Kleinwelka figures has been thoroughly told at least as far as my knowledge goes, so let`s get straight to the figure.

Anatosaurus is the outdated name for a hadrosaurid we now know as Edmontosaurus. The change of name went with a lot of changes about its appearance. Kleinwelka`s Anatosaurus is based on reconstructions as they were up to date in the 1950`s to 70`s. The figure stands 15.5 cm tall and measures 28 cm in direct line from snout to tail. As all Kleinwelka figures it is made from a lightweight plastic. It is not hollow and significantly heavier than the Iguanodon for example, but nevertheless the weight is much less than in modern figures of similar size.

While the figure is easily recognizable as a dinosaur and even as an Anatosaurus for those with a bit of dinosaur-nerdy background, the overall sculpt and detailing is as crude as in the other figures of the line. Nevertheless, the duckbilled Anato has slit like nostrils and webbed fingers, hinting for its supposed semiaquatic lifestyle. There`s not much else to say, other than the figure is hard to get by. As all the Kleinwelka figures it is discontinued for decades and appears on ebay only now and then. It seems to be one of the rarer figures, together with the Parasaurolophus and Deinosuchus. Good luck for your hunt.

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