Apatosaurus (Galaxy/Safari, 'Great Dinos' Collection)

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We reviewed this figure briefly before (here) but thanks to Atomic Elephant who sent us a review sample, we can now give this hefty figure a little more attention. There are two versions with differing paint schemes, a blue design and the grey/blue design, which we present here (although it look blue in our photos because of the lighting!).

Apatosaurus, Great Dinos

As I have said before, I am rather keen on the Great Dinos collection because they combine large size and quality sculpting with very reasonable prices. At about 40cm long, the Apatosaurus is one of the largest in the 8-part set, but the hollow lightweight nature reduces the impact of high shipping costs often associated with sauropod figures. The tail curves at the tip so the figure is not as long is it could have been but the twist at the tail tip adds to the fluidity of the pose.

Apatosaurus, Great Dinos

All four feet are in contact with the ground but the front left foot is in the process of being lifted creating a dynamic pose. The neck is positioned quite high forming an ‘s’ shape and the tail is raised above the ground. There is some nice attention to detail, the claws are distinct with the thumb claw enlarged, the hip bones and spine jut out and there are wrinkles and muscle blocks running along the length of the animal, especially the neck. However, these details are often lost, or their impact is reduced by the rather crude paint job.

Apatosaurus, Great Dinos

The claws are sprayed in light green tones, as is the belly, the back is sprayed with darker grey in wide bands on the neck and tail. The head is quite nicely sculpted but unusually coloured – the eyes are blotchy and bloodshot and for some reason the teeth in my figure have been neatly painted onto the right side of the mouth, but omitted completely from the left side. Perhaps this reflects poor quality control, which again links to the cheaper tag price. Overall, this is a nice figure, just don’t get too close – the details don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Apatosaurus, Great Dinos

This review was sponsored by Atomic Elephant who kindly provided us with the review figure.

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