Brand: Great Dinosaurs

Review: Apatosaurus (Galaxy/Safari, 'Great Dinos' Collection)

3.5 (17 votes)
We reviewed this figure briefly before (here) but thanks to Atomic Elephant who sent us a review sample, we can now give this hefty figure a little more attention. There are two versions with differing paint schemes, a blue design and the grey/blue design, which we present here (although it look blue in our photos because of the lighting!).

Review: Stegosaurus (‘Great Dinosaurs’ collection by Safari Ltd)

3.9 (17 votes)
The Great Dinosaurs collection is a series of large hollow figures produced by Safari Ltd. They are cheap for their size and overall the sculpting is of a high standard, in fact, most of the figures are superior in terms of posture to their more expensive Carnegie Collection museum range counterparts (also by Safari Ltd), at least the older Carnigie moulds anyway.

Review: Therizinosaurus (Great Dinosaurs Collection by Safari Ltd)

3 (21 votes)
Review and photos by Gwangi
If you were purchasing dinosaur toys two decades ago there is one family you wouldn’t have seen represented at all, the Therizinosauridae. Though known to science since 1954 it is a family that was very poorly known only until recently. Therizinosaurs represent just how little we know about dinosaurs and how much we still have to learn, who knows what entire families of dinosaurs we’ll find within the next couple decades!

Review: Triceratops (‘Great Dinosaurs’ Collection by Safari Ltd)

3.4 (13 votes)
This most famous of ceratopsids has been reincarnated in toy form on many occasions, Triceratops is, after all, a household favourite.

Once again, Safari Ltd’s Great Dinosaurs collection impresses us with a pretty good figure, far exceeding our expectations for a $6 bargain and offering an embarrassing comparison for one of Safari’s other attempts at this dinosaur (the original Carnegie Collection Triceratops is simply appalling, in my opinion).

Review: Tyrannosaurus (Great Dinosaurs Collection by Safari Ltd.)

2.5 (15 votes)
Tyrannosaurus rex is a dinosaur that needs no introduction from me. Regardless of your knowledge concerning dinosaurs this is one species that everyone is familiar with. Because of its fame it is perhaps the species most reproduced in toy form, for better or worse. This review concerns the treatment of the species by Safari’s Great Dinosaurs Collection; a model that has a lot of misses but a couple surprising hits.
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