Argentinosaurus (CollectA)

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With an estimated length of over 30 metres and a weight of 70 to 90 tons, Argentinosaurus was definitely one of the biggest dinosaurs, although it remains unclear as to whether or not it was *the* biggest.


CollectA’s 2012 Argentinosaurus stands 18 cm tall and measures 22 cm long. This makes it one of the largest toys in the Standard-size range, although the 2015 Daxiatitan is noticeably bigger. It is sculpted with its head and neck raised to maximum height and its mouth open. The way its feet are firmly planted and the tip of its tail is curling may indicate that this majestic titanosaur has spotted danger. Perhaps a hungry Mapusaurus is approaching in the distance. Or worse yet, an entire pack of them.


The main colours on this toy are medium brown with dark markings, a light brown underbelly, very dark brown claws, yellow eyes, pink mouth, and white teeth. There’s also a splash of red on the head, small patches of white on the body, and dark brown soles. It’s an attractive yet realistic look for this gentle giant.


The Argentinosaurus‘ small head is fairly well-sculpted, but seems to be lacking nostrils. The skin has a fine pebbled texture with relatively few wrinkles. A row of triangular osteoderms runs down the length of the spine and the body is covered in oval-shaped osteoderms of all sizes. It’s also worth mentioning that this figure possesses thumb claws, whereas some skeletal reconstructions have omitted them altogether. But keep in mind that Argentinosaurus, like all other contenders for the coveted Biggest Dinosaur Ever title, is known only from fragmentary remains. A few vertebrae from the back and hip regions, some ribs, a right fibula, and part of a femur are all that we currently have of this ancient titan. Any reconstruction is bound to be speculative at best.


Overall, I’d say this is quite good representation of Argentinosaurus. The pose is good, the sculpting is excellent (as to be expected from a CollectA product), and the colour scheme is attractive without being garish. My only complaint is that the toy’s relatively small size doesn’t do full justice to such a huge dinosaur. A Deluxe version would be nifty.


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