Baluchitherium AKA Paraceratherium (Starlux)

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Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

It is amazing to think of the giants that once walked our own Earth. Not just the dinosaurs, but also their successors, the mammals. One such mammal has sparked my interest in palaeontology more than others: Paraceratherium. But when I first learnt of it, it was going under the name Indricotherium. Go back even further back in time to the date of this figure’s release, and it was known as Baluchitherium. Many fossils were junior synonyms or incomplete specimens, resulting in a long (and mildly confusing) naming history that finally ended with Paraceratherium. But enough of the nomenclature, onto the review!

As a Starlux figure, it’s fairly small at 3.6” long and 1.9” high, so it would probably work better as a juvenile in a display. The figure is a mix of dark and light grey broken up by white nails, a red mouth, and black for what looks like the crest of a horse. As this is a prehistoric rhino, I’m not certain about this addition, but it works to a degree. The stance is pretty simple, as if this individual is wandering around and looking for something to browse on.

Right, on to anatomical accuracy. As an older figure, it isn’t brilliant, but it does get some things right, like the large body, long legs with padded feet, a fairly short tail, and a long skull. However, the neck is way too short and thick and really needs to be longer. Speaking of long, the skull, while long, is too horse-like and lacks a prehensile lip, as with its modern relatives. A mixed bag then overall, but some of this is due to age.

Figures of Paraceratherium aren’t as numerous as they should be (in my opinion), so this little guy, though showing its age, is still worth thinking about. They pop up on eBay fairly often, especially on French sites. If you like it, go for it. As always, I will remind readers that the age and nature of the plastic make Starlux figures a little brittle, so be cautious with this one. The major concerns are the ears and tail.

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  • Just wanted to add…. for bedtime last night I read “Tiere der Vor- und Urzeit” (an old book from the late 70’s I think and originally published in Italian) to my young son and found a picture there of the Baluchiterium there that very closely resembles this Starlux figure in color, stance and the tininess of the head.

  • Nice review of a very uncommon figure. Starlux really has made a great array of prehistoric beasts of popular species but far more lesser known ones. Their accuracy varies greatly and I think here’s a nice example. Easily recognizable and charming, though with obvious downsides. Nevertheless I really appreciate these old figures 🙂

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