Baryonyx (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

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It’s been a long and frustrating morning for Burton. It began with him failing to catch a pterosaur sitting on its nest. Next he snagged a large shark only for it to bite him painfully on the snout and escape. After that, he managed to come across a fresh nodosaur carcass, but was then chased away by an allosaur pack—and received another bite on his tail to boot! And for the last two hours, he has been scouring the waters and the banks fruitlessly. But now his luck is finally about to change. A plump fish is dozing placidly right by his feet. All Burton has to do is make one quick, precise lunge and his hunger will be eliminated. But just then, a large herd of iguanodonts emerges from the forest and splashes into the lake with enthusiastic bellows and honks. The spooked fish darts away in a flash and if Burton miraculously possessed the intelligence and the vocal chords necessary for uttering modern day English, he would surely curse like the angriest of Welshmen . . .

Released by PNSO in 2018 as part of their second series of miniatures, Burton the Baryonyx measures about 9 cm long. Sculpted a simple earthen base, he is bent over with his tail swinging to the left and his eyes staring downward intently, just as though he is about to lunge at some aquatic prey. Or perhaps he has already succeeded and is in the midst of enthusiastically consuming a large meal on the riverbank.

Burton with his CollectA and Schleich brethren.

Burton’s main colour is a rather dull green that transitions to beige on his underbelly. His tail features vertical white stripes while his body and neck are adorned with black and white horizontal stripes. Finally, the small triangular crest on his head is orange and his beady eyes are black. It’s a decent enough ensemble, but as always, it’s a pity that the teeth and claws on this miniature are unpainted.

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Like other miniature PNSO theropods, Burton’s skin has a fine wrinkled texture. A row of tiny osteoderms run from the back of his head to about halfway down his tail. His limbs are muscular and his body and neck are considerably more beefy than on other Baryonyx figures. Unfortunately, his head is afflicted with that familiar demon known as shrink-wrapping; his orbits and fenestrae are clearly visible beneath the skin.

Aside from that, I would say that Burton the Baryonyx is probably one of the nicer theropods in the miniature range. Recommended if you’re as fond of these small saurians as I am. Although knowing PNSO, it’s quite possible that they will release a bigger version of Burton sometime in the future.

This review is dedicated to the memory of William Walker, the discoverer of Baryonyx walkeri, who passed away in June 2022. I reckon no other plumber can claim to have had a dinosaur named after them!

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  • Thanks for the review, always nice to see the smaller figures get proper attention as well. It’s a cute little one and they tried to pack in as much detail as possible, but there is something off about the head – looks more like a hadrosaurid from up front.

  • Nice figure although there are other better ones from the series of miniatures of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals of PNSO. PNSO needs a much more striking baryonyx with a more acceptable size. I am sure that PNSO will live up to the quality that it is accustomed to as a ten company.

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