Baryonyx (Deluxe by CollectA)

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Review and photos by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

While there is no shortage of Baryonyx figures available if you are looking to add one to your collection, this guy and most of his relatives tend to be overshadowed by the species that gave their family its name: Spinosaurus. That was an unusual dinosaur that would have attracted attention anyhow, but really had its profile raised thanks to its appearance in a certain movie franchise. Interestingly, something like that may happen to Baryonyx by virtue of its inclusion in the latest installment of that same franchise. Another version of it in plastic already on its way as part of the associated merchandise.

But let’s get back to the subject of this review: CollectA’s 2008 Deluxe Baryonyx. Being part of the Deluxe range, it is quite a bit larger than the standard CollectA figure at 28 cm/10.5 inches from nose to tail and 11 cm/4 inches at the raised section of its arched back. This makes it a reasonably heavy figure in hand and a definite presence on the display shelf. One that your eye goes to at a quick glance. The sculpt, to my eye, leans more toward the stylised end of the spectrum than the more naturalistic. The oversized feet for instance, are much larger than they would be on the actual animal, but as is often the case with theropod figures, these are an aid to stability. And it certainly does stand well, so no worries about it toppling over in the night.

The colour scheme is almost monochromatic, being a dull brown all over with some darker stripes running along the spine from the tail to the neck, black claws, orange eyes, white teeth, and a pink tongue. A darker tone is drybrushed here and there to bring out the texture, especially on the somewhat shrink-wrapped head. The pose suggests the Baryonyx has stopped in mid-stride, one foot in front of the other, as though something has caught its attention. The head is turning to one side to check it out.

Both of the characteristic features of this species are there: the enlarged first claw on each hand (though the hands are in the wrong aspect and not facing palm to palm as they should be) and the long, crocodilian-like head, but with no notch in the jaw. It also has the raised section along the spine.

All in all not a bad figure to own, I picked mine up as part of a trade, but I believe it can still be found in the ranges of a lot of retailers.

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Comments 11

  • Has the inspiration for this figure ever been discussed? I’ve long suspected it’s based on this illusatration by John Sibbick from 2007/08:

    • Well spotted. If this image was seen by the scuptor, and there’s no way to tell for sure; wouldn’t be the first time a Dinosaur figure had been done in ‘homage’ to a piece of paleo art!

  • Clown feet, shrink wrapped head, no allowances at the throat or neck for swallowing fish, tail too narrow at the front, pronated hands, no notch in the jaw, teeth way too similar–on the one hand. On the other, just a bit (albeit too much) of the “sail” that gives the family its name that is missing from most renditions. Sounds like I’m defending my brother-in-law…

  • A nice example for where CollectA came from. A recent attempt by them would probably easily blow all other contenders out of the water (though given in case of this species, that wouldn’t be too hard). For now I’ll stick with the Invicta Baryonyx.

    • Me too. Still prefer the Invicta at this late date!

    • I’m wondering if I’ve been a bit too easy on this figure given some of the comments that are appearing. Good point though Lanthanotus; with the quality of the figures that we are seeing from a lot of the brands now it easy to forget that this was not always the case. And the Invicta Baryonyx is definitely in a different league to this one. To my eye we have yet to see the definitive Baryonyx, I do hope that CollectA does re-visit this one in the future with a series of upgrades as Safari has been doing. Give the job to the sculptor of the new Styracosaurus and Iguanodon!

  • I am still in the progress of reviewing Collecta’s Becklespinax. Can I still finish?

  • I hope that some day Collecta reedite a new baryonyx of extreme quality. The one he currently has is a figure that is in the average quality of figures of dinosaurs of Collecta and that which belongs to his oldest time.

    The most detailed part is perhaps the front part of the head, but what is said as some members of the forum say we need a reissue of this figure in the style of the iguanodon or styracosaurus of Collecta.

  • Agreed! Given the standard of their current output it couldn’t help but be a major improvement, however having said that there are far worse attempts at realising this species out there.

  • CollectA really should retire this one and produce a brand new Baryonyx.

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