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If this figure looks familiar that’s because it was reviewed here before! The original review of the Schleich Baryonyx was one of several interesting reviews here by former dinosaur toy blogger Tomhetleere. Sadly, Tomhet left the Dinosaur Toy Blog earlier this year and, to everyone’s dismay, removed his valuable dinotoyblog contributions on his departure. If you’ve noticed a review missing here or there, that’s the explanation. So, I’d like to start the process of updating the blog with brand new reviews to replace those now missing, and where better to start than with the Schleich Baryonyx? Say “Cheese”!

Schleich Baryonyx

The Schleich Baryonyx is one of many discontinued replicas from Schleich’s lines. Baryonyx has received considerable fame and attention in toy form since it was first released as a replica in Invicta’s Natural History Museum London line, a beautiful series now out or production. Following that Invicta offering of Baryonyx, the genus has been produced by Safari Ltd (Carnegie Baryonyx here), CollectA, Kenner (Jurassic Park), Toyway (a replacement for the Invicta), and the recently reviewed version of Baryonyx by Wild Republic.

Schleich Baryonyx

Baryonyx has been interpreted as a piscivore, a fish-eating dinosaur, and is often reconstructed in a quadrupedal stance (or supported by at least one arm), sometimes with a fish in hand. The Schleich Baryonyx is typical in this regard, with both hands planted firmly on the ground, but no fish this time. The pose is pretty uninspired with almost no movement whatsoever. The mouth is closed but the grinning teeth remain visible.

Schleich Baryonyx

In terms of anatomical accuracy, the head is quite reasonable. The short midline crest in front of the eyes, the slightly retracted nostrils, and the elongate snout are correct, but it lacks the distinctive notch in the tooth row and the skull is rather broad. There are errors in the postcranium, too. Each hand has four digits, that’s one too many! The claw on the first digit (thumb) of Baryonyx was enlarged, however, in the Schleich version the second digit is wrongly enlarged. The feet are far better than the hands, with the correct number and position of toes. There’s also a slight indication of a hump on the back, which may or may not have been intentional, and the tail is especially long and sweeping.

Schleich Baryonyx

The colouration is particularly dull, basically it’s brown, brown and brown, with the claws highlighted in brown. The teeth are white though, and there are white rings around the tiny black eyes. Despite the anatomical flaws it is still a charming replica and remains recognisable as the genus Baryonyx. This toy is also highly sought after and can sometimes fetch quite tall prices on Ebay, where it is occasionally available individually, or might be a hidden bonus as part of a larger lot of Chinasaurs. Luckily, the latter is how I found mine! Overall this is quite a pleasing figure, and given the low quality of some of Scheich’s other offerings over the years (and to this day), it could have been a lot worse.

Sometimes available on eBay here

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  • […] heads that Schleich has put on some of their models in the past, Examples: (Carnotaurus or Baryonyx,) you know what you are in for and will not be surprised when you take a closer look.  Ugh, […]

  • I second the plasticosauria nomination. Schleich puts out a gem every once in a while (parasaurolophus anyone?) but this isn’t one of them. Does anyone even take them seriously anymore?

  • It’s based on an illustration from the Dinosaur Encyclopedia of the 80’s, so the design isn’t Schleich’s guilt. Maybe they only own old books for references 😉

    But I like it. I can see the charm on it. Ugly and all. You can always display this besides a more accurate Bary figure to show the evolution of paleoartistic reconstructions… ONLY if a really good and accurate Bary figure existed, that is…… (I think the best choice for that would be the Collecta green smaller one, even though it could be better…)

    But yeah, a really good accurate Baryonyx figure is NEEDED, simply because it doesn’t exist yet!!

  • Seijun – not all of us are so kind, you know. If I reviewed this thing I’d give it a good kicking! Dr A, of course accuracy is not everything, but not only is this thing really inaccurate it’s hardly very aesthetically pleasing either. In my opinion it should be sent over to Plasticosauria… 😛

  • DTB is far to kind with their reviews…

  • Esta figura yo creo que a pesar de sus inexactitudes es de los terópodos menos malos. Cuando salió por el año 2002 me ilusionó tenerla. Ahora veo la figura como un poco grotesca. La cabeza parece con esos dientes, como los de un fantasma… de broma, o el de un duende burlón. La única buena por su exactitud, (aunque está pasada de modo ante los nuevos modelos) es el Baryonyx de Safari, y también en honor a la verdad hacer una mención especial al de Collecta (que no es a mi sano entender de lo más malo.

  • It is inaccurate, but I still love it, and so it is pleasing. Accuracy in a dinosaur toy is just part of the whole package. I also love the Fisher Price Kronosaurus, yet from a purely anatomical perspective it should be sent to the bowels of hell.

  • A pleasing figure?! No way, this thing is a horrorshow. While other Baryonyx toys have impossible postures this hideous thing is an all-out quadruped – it’s ridiculous. And then there’s the face…

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