Black Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaur King by Sega)

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The idea of genetically altering creatures for ulterior motives is a common thing in various stories, usually resulting in some big bad creature that our heroes must defeat. Dino media is no exception to this, and here we look at a model of one Tyrannosaurus that ended up bigger and stronger than others in it’s series: the Black T.Rex from Dinosaur King. Featuring in the card game and anime, it was altered to be much larger (being near kaiju sized in the anime), making it a perfect final villain for the show. It also provides a good extra figure for the vinyl line, which we will look at in this review!

This figure is a great representation of the Black T.Rex from the show, burning skin and all, the black and orange really working. Not natural, but eye-catching. It has three points of articulation, the legs and the tail, though the latter is frankly worthless as the tail is stuck outright, so would look odd as a result. The vinyl is translucent, thus holding it to a light source gives it the burning effect expected of this dino in the series. It’s fairly sturdy, so won’t break like translucent plastic in a socket joint, but will warp, as has happened to mine.

The translucent effect

To accuracy. This does have a lot of good points, the head shape is good, the horizontal pose is spot on and the arms are decently sized. Really, there are only two major faults: the shrink-wrapped head and the pronated wrists. The teeth are uniform and not that close to the actually rex teeth, but that is common among mass manufactured models, so I won’t knock it too much.

Now the real downside to this model: the price. I was lucky to find it in a bundle on eBay, as individuals on eBay are horrendously over inflated, being into the hundreds of pounds. While a great figure, I don’t think it’s worth that amount. The line is long discontinued, and a lot of the figures suffer inflated after market prices. If you find this one cheap, definitely grab it, but don’t pay the extreme prices. It’s not worth that much.

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