Brand: Sega

Review: Amargasaurus (HG Prize by Sega)

4.8 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Suspsy
In the Early Cretaceous of what would one day be Argentina, there lived one of the most distinctive sauropods known: Amargasaurus cazaui (La Amarga Lizard). Despite their huge size, complete sauropods skeletons are fairly rare. Fortunately, what was discovered of Amargasaurus‘ skeleton is nearly complete, including part of the skull.

Review: Black Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaur King by Sega)

2.4 (13 votes)

The idea of genetically altering creatures for ulterior motives is a common thing in various stories, usually resulting in some big bad creature that our heroes must defeat. Dino media is no exception to this, and here we look at a model of one Tyrannosaurus that ended up bigger and stronger than others in it’s series: the Black T.Rex from Dinosaur King.

Review: Therizinosaurus (Dinosaur King by Sega Toys)

3.9 (9 votes)

Once again, I am looking into what can happen when a property becomes extremely popular: merchandising. Such is the case for the Dinosaur King franchise. After the success of the arcade game, a manga series and anime were commissioned and, as a result, a series of figure lines were made, from small 2” lines, arcade exclusives and an articulated line.

Review: Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus (Sega Dinosaur King, 2014 Reissues)

4.5 (14 votes)
I sometimes wonder if there should be an international ban on the production of new models of Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops (sure, an international ban on cutting down rainforests would be more constructive and more noble, but here I’m trying to use a ridiculous opening sentence to engage the reader’s interest.

Review: Tyrannosaurus (The Great Dinosaur by Sega)

4.8 (19 votes)
Normally the choice for dinosaur figure collectors is a simple one – it’s either small, perhaps not-so-accurate but cheap plastic figures, or large, stunningly detailed resin statues that will make your PayPal account beg for mercy. However, here we have a compromise – a fairly large model (similar in size to the JP ‘Thrasher’ T.

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Dinosaur King by Sega)

4.6 (18 votes)
As per the introductory convention, I should probably mention how T. rex is a popular dinosaur rarely done well, and the animal’s pop culture significance, and all that stuff. Sod it, though –  just look at this beauty. That’s some serious tyrannosaur sexiness.

A little background: this model is rather scarce these days, and the specimen shown is not actually mine.

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