Brachiosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Greetings DinoWaurriors! Once more, I bring you a species from the battling trading figure series, this time Brachiosaurus! Given the size and popularity of the species, it’s unsurprising they would add it to the line. Is his a gem or a dud though? Let’s find out!

Onto the figure! Once again, we have an a single colour scheme with phenomenal wrinkle shading. The choice here is grey, but for a giant like Brachiosaurus, I think this works. It’s 3.3″ long and 1.5″ high, which seems odd for Brachiosaurus, as it is usually depicted with an erect neck. Here, we see a more aggressive pose, as if fending off predators. While it works for this line, I’m not overly enthused by the pose.

Accuracy wise, this is actually spot on, with a small head, long neck and tail, good body shape and correct limb positions. The only marks against are the neck position (might be a stretch to do this pose) and the spines on the back, which are more artistic licence than fact, but otherwise fine.

This is a pretty decent figure, all things considered. If it had more peadomorphic features, it would be a great juvenile figure. As it stands, it’s still a great one. Pick up if you like it.

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  • Three Brachiosaurus reviews one after the other! What is happening with Brachiosaurus on the DTB this moment? Haha, anyways, it is nice to see more reviews being added to the list of Brachiosaurus toys that have been reviewed here on the DTB.
    This Brachiosaurus’s head may be a little oversized to me, but a nice little toy. Keep on the reviews on DinoWaurs Survival figures and others also! Nice review.

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