Brachiosaurus (Playmobil)

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The ground is shaking. Is it an earthquake? No, it’s just Brachiosaurus! This gentle giant is hungry and looking for his favourite fruit tree.


Not surprisingly, the Brachiosaurus is HUGE. It stands nearly 27 cm tall and measures 51 cm long, making it the largest animal figure in any Playmobil line. Although its main colour is flat light grey, it’s adorned with an attractive pattern of green and pale yellow patches. The eyes are dark green and the teeth and claws are ivory white.


Despite its great bulk, the Brachiosaurus is actually the most articulated of all the Playmobil dinosaurs. The mouth opens, the head rotates a full 360 degrees, the neck can raise and lower, and the four limbs move.


In terms of accuracy, the Brachiosaurus is reasonably good. The head is far too large, but given that the toy isn’t quite in scale with the other dinosaurs, one could make the case that this is “just” a youngster. The teeth are all flat like molars, but that’s probably a safety measure. The nostrils have been placed in the outdated position on the forehead.


Accompanying the Brachiosaurus are a light and dark grey lizard, a green frog, and a nicely sculpted black scorpion. Be sure to check your boots before putting them on!


And here are two human figures: a blonde woman and an unshaven, dark-haired man whom I have dubbed Halszka and Barnum. They are equipped with a large camcorder and a machete for clearing through thick foliage. According to the logo on Barnum’s vest, they are members of a research team called SAURUS. Apparently, the Dinosaurs theme centres around a “lost world” where creatures from throughout the prehistoric times live together. Who wouldn’t jump at a chance to explore and study such a place?


The playset is built around a rocky cave. It’s far too small to be of use to the Brachiosaurus, but it’s perfect for a Deinonychus or some other small dinosaur to live in. It even has a natural window and a skylight. Complimenting the cave are a small patch of grass and water, a tall palm tree, a leaning fruit tree, a large shrub, ferns, flowering plants, and some lily pads. The trees and ferns can be interchanged to decorate your cave as desired.


Impressively large, elaborate, and fun to play with, the Playmobil Brachiosaurus set is an all-around winner.

Available from here and here.

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  • The “lizard” actually looks to my eye like it’s meant to represent some sort of prehistoric amphibian, though that might be reading too much into a stylized children’s toy.

    • It’s been used as a baby crocodilian in other Playmobil sets, so you could easily conceive of it as an amphibian if you wished.

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