Cambrian Life Toob (Safari Ltd.)

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Review and photos by Stemturtle, edited by Plesiosauria.

Wonderful ‘toob’! New for 2013, this collection illustrates the explosion of new animal phyla in the Cambrian Period, from 541 to 485 million years ago. The eight toys in this set are well-sculpted, good-sized, and colorful. Safari Ltd lists the range of sizes as 1.5” (4 cm) to 3” (7.5 cm). Paint detailing is minimal. A species identification label was not issued with my toob. However, each ‘belly’ is marked with an ID.

Cambrian life Safari toob
Group shot. Schleich guy (not included) is 1.75 inches (4.5 cm) for scale.

Older figures of Charniodiscus (by Yujin), Ottoia (by Tedco), and Anomalocaris (by Kaiyodo) are not easy to find. The introduction of unique species enhances the desirability of this toob. New to collectors are Vauxia, Sanctacaris, Sidneyia, Naraoia, and Tricrepicephalus.

Charniodiscus Safari toob

Curvature hints that this animal swayed in the current upon its base. Diorama enthusiasts should be cautioned that Charniodiscus was Ediacaran. A related genus, Thaumaptilon, which also resembled a sea pen, was fossilized in the Burgess Shale.

Vauxia Safari toob
This figure also has a base. The surface of this model shows texturing. Sponges are generally ignored by toy manufacturers, so we are lucky to get Vauxia.

Ottoia Safari toob
There is attention to anatomy. This worm could extend its proboscis out of a burrow to capture prey. The ID mark is misspelled “Ottioa.” I like the red color.

Anomalocaris Safari toob
This proto-arthropod, as top predator, is larger than the other figures. We might wish for contrasting color for the eyes and a decorative pattern to disrupt the orange paint. Safari should make a detailed version twice this size as a standard issue.

The remaining four figures are all arthropods.

Sanctacaris Safari toob
This tricolor has a realistic appearance.

Sidneyia Safari toob
Does the metallic finish remind you of a pyritized fossil?

Naraoia Safari toob
Simple, yet elegant.

trilobite Safari toob
This trilobite is convincing. The diameter of the antennae should have been thicker to reduce deformation during shipping. A hair dryer and cold water can correct the shape.

I recommended this toob for its evolutionary significance as well as the new species it introduces to the world of toys. Thanks, Safari Ltd. This ‘toob’ is now available from Amazon here.

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  • Teniendo en cuenta las cifras tan raras de invertebrados prehistóricos y la precisión con que están hechas es indudablemente esta excelente obra una compra obligada que debe engrosar mi excelente colecciones de dinosaurios de la colección Carnegie/Safari, como siempre una excelente obra.

  • Excellent! thanks for the review, and for the figures!

  • Thank you so much for your attention and detailed review!

    We have noted the error on the Ottoia figure and are working to resolve the problem.

    Thank you again!

    Kateva Rosato
    Social Networking Specialist, Safari Ltd.

    • You Safari Ltd have really really done an excellent job this year.What are the most likely dinosaurs to be released for you next year?Thanks so much

      • Thank you for your kind words Juan!

        Unfortunately I can’t reveal what’s in the works for future releases – but rest assured that you won’t be disappointed!

        Kateva Rosato
        Social Networking Specialist, Safari Ltd.

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