Centrosaurus apertus (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

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Over the years, despite having a large amount of fossil material behind it, Centrosaurus has very little in terms of figures that aren’t named Monoclonius. Fortunately, recent times have brought this near forgotten species to the forefront. Beasts of the Mesozoic leads this by creating three, two juveniles and an adult. I have done the youngsters, now for the adult.

First thing to say is this is a big bestie! As a 1:18 scale model, it us understandably big. The real animal was 18 ft long, so a figure measuring 16.4″ long and 7.4″ high. Next to other models, such as Vic, who is 4″ high, it does dwarf them, though not as much as some of the wave three ceratopsians. The figure is well articulated, boasting 20 points, even a tongue to wag! That’ll get tongues wagging!

Uh, not sure that’s a good idea Vic……
I thought not

Speaking of size, let’s take a look at the adult with the juveniles. This really shows how the species alters with age and scales well. It’s interesting to see that the colours match the kickstarter than the mass produced model. The adult is based off a Blue-Crested lizard, the mass produced juvenile a Monoclonius from Prehistoric Beast and the Kickstarter Dino Rider, so is odd how that happens. Still looks good.


To accuracy! As with any of David Silva’s models, this is perfect, no issues whatsoever. All the distinguishing features (a.k.a the head, as most of marginocephalia are only distinguishable by their heads). Brilliant!

I am always happy for an underrepresented species to get the limelight and be done well, so this ticks all the boxes for me. I can’t recommend this figure enough. Admittedly, it is pricey as a result of it’s size, around £70, making the PNSO model cheaper, but I say it’s worthwhile. A lot of retailers online, such as Everything Dinosaur, eBay or the Creative beast website have them. If you get the chance, definitely pick it up.

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  • It is gorgeous and in a massive size. BoTM is a leading company and one that should be taken into account. For me it is the best articulated dinosaur company in the world. The painting of the centrosaurus is great and so is its sculpture.

  • a nice enough figure, although like most of the BOTM Ceratopsians, i’m not a fan of the garish colours. The figure is more like 1/14 scale than 1/18. A surprising number of figures from this series were not to the advertised 1/18 scale. I’m hoping the tyrannosaur series is better scaled. The colour choices of the tyrannosaur series are certainly better.

  • It’s so nice that Centrosaurus finally has a presence on the DTB, and a fairly big one at that thanks to BotM.

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