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Review: Centrosaurus (Jennie) (Prehistoric Animal Models by PNSO)

4.5 (46 votes)

Since getting into this hobby over a decade ago I’ve been patiently waiting for a model of one of my favorite ceratopsians, Centrosaurus. It has been a long wait, one that with every passing year has ended in disappointment. Look, I get it, Centrosaurus seems kind of boring compared to the likes of Styracosaurus, Triceratops, Kosmoceratops or the myriad other ceratopsians with their impressive headgear.

Review: Centrosaurus apertus (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

4.7 (52 votes)

Over the years, despite having a large amount of fossil material behind it, Centrosaurus has very little in terms of figures that aren’t named Monoclonius. Fortunately, recent times have brought this near forgotten species to the forefront. Beasts of the Mesozoic leads this by creating three, two juveniles and an adult.

Review: Centrosaurus apertus (juvenile) (Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian series)

4.7 (51 votes)

The release of the ceratopsian line by David Silva meant a chance to get animals that are rarely made by toy companies, at least under modern names and details. I was pleased with the number of rare or even unique species, most of all Centrosaurus, which I ended up getting from the kickstarter.

Review: Monoclonius crassus/Juvenile Centrosaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

4.7 (50 votes)

Dino riders was a major line for many, and has influenced pop culture and other dino lines. And with the Kickstater for David Silva’s Beasts of the Mesozoic, the exclusive brings this back with this homage to the classic line: Monoclonius.

As with the raptor series, this features amazing articulation, 19 points in total, making posing a breeze.

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