Centrosaurus apertus (juvenile) (Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian series)

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The release of the ceratopsian line by David Silva meant a chance to get animals that are rarely made by toy companies, at least under modern names and details. I was pleased with the number of rare or even unique species, most of all Centrosaurus, which I ended up getting from the kickstarter. The same mould was used to make a more naturalistic look, resulting in this, the Centrosaurus apertus juvenile, which I will be reviewing here. Some parts will be repeats of my last Beasts of the Mesozoic review, but I will cover all I need to. With that said, let’s get stuck in!

As you would expect from Creative beasts, the articulation is fantastic, with 19 points for plenty of poses possible for photos or display. It is sizeable, as part of a 1:18 scale, measuring 10.4″ long, 4.3″ high and 2.5″ wide, allowing for good opportunities with the right size figures, as with the kickstarter exclusive.

Vic really doesn’t learn, does he?

Speaking of which, how do they compare in terms of colour schemes. The patterning is very similar, but not exactly the same, as it trades more jagged lines for smoother lines on the body, with bumps on the body painted silver in areas where the Monoclonius is not. The colour scheme is interesting, as it is based on another Monoclonius/Centrosaurus youngster, this time from a rather charming classic dinosaur animated film, named Prehistoric Beast by Phil Tippett, which I recommend checking out. The colour scheme is more vibrant than the original movie model, with a little more variations in the browns and the patterning. Comes out quite well.

Accuracy is spot on, the body is spot on for a ceratopsian and the skull exactly as it should be. Perfect!

Overall, this is a phenomenal model, with great articulation and a great paint scheme. If you have the kickstarter model, you have this version, but if you like the mould and didn’t get the kickstarter or were put off by the overly vibrant colours, this is perfect. It will also be far easier to get, and far cheaper. Either way, it’s a worthwhile grab.

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  • The fact that you referenced Prehistoric Beast warms my heart. <3

  • While i’m a big fan of the BotM Ceratopsian line, i’m not at all a fan of the paint schemes, which are ridiculous, in my opinion. I wasn’t alive back then, so I don’t know how they were coloured, but i’d bet everything I own that they weren’t gaudy, techno coloured animals.

    For one thing, colour is expensive in nature. You get the pigments necessary to produce the colour from your diet and it would take a massive diet of pigmented flora indeed to produce that much colour for such large animals. If the line was intended for children, I could forgive the bright colours, as they would be intended to appeal to little ones. But since the line is intended for adults, I just don’t get it.

    As I said, i’m still enthusiastic about the line and will be getting several models, but I would have appreciated more naturalistic and believable paint jobs on them.

    • I’ll agree, some of the choices are a bit out there, they could have made better choices of animals to base the models on. I actually feel this one isn’t too out there, browns are fairly naturalistic. The kickstarter is overly colourful, but it is based on a toy from the 80’s. It’s up to you whether you like it or not, but that’s my opinion.

  • Nice and excellent review of the Centrosaurus by BoTM, a magnificent figure that leaves that species of dinosaur well represented with a perfect articulation and a touch of realistic and correct paint. Honestly beautiful figure worthy for collectors and even for children for being a perfectly articulated figure. It is a dream come true that a considerable part of BoTM’s ceraptosid figures are already on the market. My rating five stars out of five.

  • Awesome to finally have Centrosaurus on the DTB!

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