Coelodonta (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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I sometimes can’t believe it’s been nearly five years since I first reviewed a figure, a woolly rhino by Papo. I felt recently that I should take a nostalgic look back at the beast that started it all, review a figure of the great animal that once roamed the grasslands of Europe and Asia some 10,000 years ago. But will it be as good as that first review, or a dud. Well, let’s take a look at Geoworld’s figure.

Starting with the fact card, as this is usually a cause for issues, owing to them usually containing plagiarised work. The mammal line was, however, where they were wiser and used an airbrushed version of the model. Works well, so let’s move on.

Onto the figure! At 1:25 scale, it’s not so badly sized, measuring 6.1″ long, 1.5″ wide and 3″ from hoof to hump. The colouration is a reddish brown, which is pretty accurate to the actual animal, based on frozen specimens. The face is a little cartoonish, but from the right angle it’s less noticeable. The pose is defensive, preparing to ram an opponent that is too close for comfort. The plastic feels slightly cheap compared to other lines, but isn’t terrible.

Accuracy is usually another problem Geoworld has with their figures, but the overall sculpt isn’t too bad, something that shouldn’t be too hard to get wrong, given they aren’t too far off a modern rhino. The overall body proportions are correct, and the hump is present, though a little over done. The head seems a little off, and the horn should be flatter and wider. But those are a few flies in what can be a decent ointment.

This isn’t the best woolly rhino, that still goes to Papo’s model, but it’s not the worst. Geoworld has made better models, but they’ve certainly made far worse. It’s available at many online retailers, so if you see it at a reasonable price, I suggest getting it. Not the greatest, but pretty good.

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