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Review: Coelodonta (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

3.3 (8 votes)

I sometimes can’t believe it’s been nearly five years since I first reviewed a figure, a woolly rhino by Papo. I felt recently that I should take a nostalgic look back at the beast that started it all, review a figure of the great animal that once roamed the grasslands of Europe and Asia some 10,000 years ago.

Review: Prehistoric Mammal Skulls (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

4.7 (9 votes)
Prehistoric skulls, be they those of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea monsters, mammals, amphibians, or any other beasts, are always things of beauty and intrigue. Let us take a look at this interesting variety of mammal skulls from Safari Ltd. There are eight in total, all coloured medium brown with a pale brown wash, and all with their names printed on the undersides.

Review: Woolly Rhinoceros (2019)(Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.5 (17 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

There are not too many of the major brands given to recreating prehistoric fauna in plastic that have not had a woolly mammoth in their range at one time or another, but the number of woolly rhino figures out there might be lucky to crack the double figure mark if a tally were taken.

Review: Woolly rhinoceros (Prehistoric World, by Bullyland)

3.9 (7 votes)

It has been a unusually warm winter, but finally this week, winter has assuredly come to my neck of the woods in North America.  I know this because the snow is finally falling, the temperature is freezing, the super bowl is done, and the Toronto Maple leafs are making trades to figure out how to improve their team.

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Review: Woolly rhinoceros (Starlux)

3.9 (11 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
As mentioned in my last review, Coelodonta, or the woolly rhino, is one of the first extinct mammals that most companies will make into a figurine, after the woolly mammoth and Smilodon. This includes the grandfather of all prehistoric toy lines: Starlux.
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