Corythosaurus (Antediluvia Collection)

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Corythosaurus is a relatively well known duck-billed dinosaur, or hadrosaur that lived in what is now Canada about 80-72 million years ago. Its name means “helmet reptile” because of the shape of the hollow crest that adorns its skull. The Corythosaurus that is part of the tiny and beautiful Antediluvia Collection, sculpted by artist, David Krentz, is no short of stunning just like the rest of the members of this collection.
This model is spot on with regards to the current understanding of scientific accuracy for Corythosaurus. The proportions are correct, the number of digits is correct and there is even the presence of little dragon ridges going down the spine. This is a feature known from the mummified remains of related dinosaurs so there is no problem including them here as well.

Painted by Griffin
Painted by Griffin

The pose is quite nice. Hadrosaurs, as it is currently understood, walked mostly on all fours but could rise up on their hind legs to run or rear up if they needed to. This figure is shown on all fours with one arm and one leg slightly raised up with the mouth open in what appears to be mid-bellow. It looks like it’s running away from a predator.

The detail is amazing. Like all of the Antediluvia models, this tiny model is impressively well crafted with many creases and wrinkles. It looks really good despite how small it is.

This model needs to be ordered from David Krentz’s website and arrives unpainted and separated from its base. It must be glued on the base with superglue of some kind which was a little annoying for me since there are only two points of contact. I needed to sit there holding the thing for a while careful not to move it too much until it was dry (well worth it though).

Unpainted version provided by Postsaurischian.
Unpainted version provided by Postsaurischian.

Want a tiny model that doesn’t take up too much space, is fun to assemble and paint yourself, is scientifically accurate and doesn’t cost a month’s pay to obtain? Get an Antediluvia. They are all in 1:72 scale and can be ordered here.

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  • Yeah I believe they found those ridges down the back of the Brachylophosaurus mummy, Leonardo if I’m not mistaken. So putting them on other hadrosaurs as well is a nice touch. Thanks about the paint job 🙂

  • I’m not familiar with the term “dragon ridges”. Amazing paint-up, though!

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