Dawn Bird/Nanantius (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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Some of the hardest prehistoric animal groups to find are birds, second to sharks. The light weight bones are subject to breaking easily, so it’s usually only in lagerstatten. There are features that can indicate a bird, and so identify them as that and not a dinosaur. One such example is Nanantius, an ancient sea bird from Australia. Though only known from the tibiotarsus and neck vertebrae, it is enough to identify it as a bird. Owing to lacking much information, there are not a lot of figures of it, the exemption being this one by Yowie.

This is a small figure, but still with an impressive wing span, being 1.1″ high, 2.1″ land and 3.4″ from wig tip to wing tip, a result of a pose that suggests it’s about to take flight. There is a little wing and tail, but not as good as the head swivel, which is only hindered in posing by being at a slightly odd angle. Still grants some decent posability. The colours are a mix of grey, vibrant red, yellow and a white under belly. Not terrible, but does give it a slight air of pigeon, not helped by the look of it’s head.

Accuracy is exceptionally hard to gauge, owing to the limited material to base it off. As a more ancient bird, the fingers are present, which it could well have had. It does feel a bit more like a pigeon or dove than it should, as fossil material found in the gut of an Icthyosaur suggest a lifestyle similar to a seabird, so should be adapted as such.

While (probably) not too accurate, it is charming and the only option for this animal. Though it looks like a prehistoric pigeon, it still ought to be recognised. If you like it, eBay will be your best bet, as it is long since discontinued.

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