Deltasaurus (Lost Kingdoms series B by Yowie)

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Before the rise of crocodillians, the water ways were filled with a different kind of predator: giant amphibians. Though they were out competed by crocodillians and the only giant amphibian left is the Japanese Giant Salamander, they have left evidence of the greatness they once had. There aren’t many figures of giant ancient amphibian, though Yowie clearly tried to alter this. Here is one such example: Deltasaurus, a late Triassic Temnospondylid, growing to lengths of a metre.

This figure is small, but that works here, measuring 3″ long and 0.3″ high, which would match quite well with other Triassic era figures. The colour scheme (matching the picture on the paper added with the figure) is a mix of blues, white spots and yellows, which works quite well here, matching certain modern fish. The white spots are actually raised, resulting in a wonderful texture for the figure. The pose is that of a swimming position, fitting for an aquatic predator.

Accuracy is easier than my last Yowie model, as there is a lot more fossil material to base it on. This particular species of Deltasaurus, kimberleyensis, has a lot of material to work with. The body length works well, with the flattened tail working brilliantly for it. A little triangular in the head, not terribly but is odd. Also, the length of the legs seems far too long compared to the fossils, as the ancient amphibians tended to have shorter legs. Not terrible, but a few flaws.

This is actually quite a nice figure, in spite of the few knocks against it. The texture and line work is brilliant, well worth finding. The Yowie Lost Kingdoms line is long since discontinued, so finding one can be tricky. As usual, eBay is your best bet, and I do recommend it.

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