Diatryma (Bullyland)

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The Bullyland Diatryma is a well done replica of an athletic, robust bird. Bullyland scores with a credible posture, nice colouring and some neat details. On the other hand one can say Bullyland perhaps interpreted Diatryma a little bit too clumsy.

Diatryma, nowadays better known under the name Gastornis, is an extinct genus of large flightless bird that lived during the late Paleocene and Eocene periods of the Cenozoic. Fossils were found in Texas, USA, as well as in Messel, Germany. Some scientists think Diatrymas were top – predators of the rainforests in those times, preying on early horses and other little mammals. Some others think the beak was perfectly adapted to cracking seeds and tearing off twigs and branches from trees. Debate goes on.

Diatryma measured about 1,90 m in height. The Bullyland version has a 1:24 scale and thus is 8 cm tall and about 9 cm long. Its overall colour goes from bright grey on the belly to dark blue or even black for the plumage. This plumage is worked out well. It allows perfectly for the fact that Diatryma‘s feathers were not the ones one knows from flying birds but rather thick, long and hairlike keratin structures.

The head exhibits a yellow beak with black forefronts and an orange eye area. One can well imagine this Diatryma as a male in courtship, trying to attract females by displaying its strong head, shaking it from one side to the other maybe. The beak also reveals an orange tongue. Let’s look at the legs and feet. The shins and feet show scales, the theropod origin of birds comes to mind. The toes run out in powerful, groundrunners’ claws.

We can conclude that Bullyland did a very good job. The terror bird figure circle of friends is growing, and Bullyland Diatryma contributes to this discovery for sure!

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  • Se podía mejorar, aunque no es malo, , cuando compré en su día la colección de mamíferos prehistóricos de Bullyland, para mí me reportó una gran alegría ya que hasta esta fecha (fué por el año 1998) no había tenido la oportunidad de encontrar réplicas de mamíferos prehistóricos.
    Espero que Collecta esté a las mismas alturas de las circunstancias con el Kelenken y quién sabe en un futuro Safari… podría hacer como hace una magnífica réplica de ave del terror ya que es la mejor empresa a mi honesto entender en hacer réplicas de animales prehistóricos.

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