Diceratops (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Greetings DinoWaurriors!!! This line is like the science of palaeontology, full of surprises. It has several surprises, from lacking things like Velociraptor or it’s choice of pterosaurs. Here, we see a ceratopsian, and a nomen dubium: Dicaeratops. This animal is actually Nedoceratops, as named by Othniel Marsh, but he died before the work was completed, and it was named Diceratops later, though this was taken already, so was changed to Nedocaeratops. And here is the only example under the name Diceratops.

To the figure! We once again have an overall grey colour, with painted tongue and great shading. The pose is slightly defensive, but noting major, like it’s a bit worried. It measures 3.2″ long, 0.8″ high and 0.7″ wide, so small like the rest of the line.

To accuracy! While a Nomen Dubium, it is basically Nedoceratops, so will use that to see how close it is. The skull, the only piece of fossil evidence we currently have for Nedoceratops, needs to be scrutinised. It actually holds up, being well proportioned in most areas, though a little shrink wrapped. The rest of the body is bizarre, oddly long yet round an dumpy in the middle, nothing like the usual ceratopsian body, which usually changes little between the species in terms of morphology. Just really weird.

This is a bizarre model of a dinosaur few would know, let alone make a model of. Whilst most would probably not go for this, I feel there is a place for the collectors of the bizarre and retro dinos of the past. This oddity can be found on eBay, and I feel it should be considered, as neither Diceratops or Nedoceratops are exactly common outside of DinoWaurs.

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