Dilophosaurus (Jasman)

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Next up on the Jasman list is the 2001 Dilophosaurus, after this we’ll have one more review and then the torture will be over. I must admit, I’ve grown weary of writing about these toys and this one is going to be a slog. The Jasman Dilophosaurus is not the worst in the line, that would make writing about it more fun, but it is perhaps the most mediocre. It’s so uninspired that it’s hard to write a review on it, you could say my heart isn’t in it. That won’t stop me but perhaps I’ll show mercy on us all and keep this review brief.

This toy stands about 9” tall and is about 15” long, right in the ballpark for all of these large Jasman toys. It’s presented with its head reaching around over the left shoulder, a posture that’s fine for a display piece but terrible for a toy. Kids are imaginative and can find a way around it, but in my experience the neutral pose is the best for an actual toy.

Unfortunately, dinosaur depictions often key in on that one unique feature and ignore the rest of the animal’s anatomy, such is the case here. We have the twin crests, but none of the other Dilophosaurus hallmarks. There are only three fingers when there should be a forth vestigial digit, the gap in the maxilla is absent, and the body is really just a generic theropod body that doesn’t conform to any real dinosaur. At least it doesn’t have a frill I suppose, but that would require more effort.

The best attribute of the toy might actually be the color. The bulk of the body is a dark purple tone with some green splotches, this fades into a pleasant orange hue on the underside. It’s nothing remarkable, the crests aren’t even accentuated, but it’s not garish I suppose. What is it with Dilophosaurus and purple anyway?

The body is scaly along the back, upper arms, and thighs, but at some point they just gave up and left the rest of the toy smooth. Some small bumps adorn the smooth areas but it’s just a lazy attempt to detail a lazy toy.

And that about wraps it up for this one. Some of the pieces we’ve looked at thus far have been surprisingly decent; like the Carnotaurus. Some have been so bad that they’re at least interesting, like the Parasaurolophus. This one though is just boring, and an easy pass. But don’t despair dear reader, I’ve saved the “best” for last.

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