Brand: Jasman

Review: Brachylophosaurus (Jasman)

3.6 (10 votes)
As promised, or should I say threatened, we’re continuing on with my series of Jasman toy reviews. This time we’re looking at a curious little fellow, it’s an ornithopod of sorts, but one of questionable identity. Apparently this figure has been advertised as Maiasaura, Brachylophosaurus, and Iguanodon.

Review: Carnotaurus (Jasman)

1.9 (7 votes)
Described in 1985 the genus Carnotaurus is a relatively new addition to the elite list of truly popular dinosaurs. This abelisaurid is certainly unique enough to warrant notoriety but it has only recently really achieved it. Although toys abounded of the Carnotaurus from the 2000 film Dinosaur as well as some earlier Kenner toys for Jurassic Park, we really didn’t get a good toy of the theropod until 2011 with the re-sculpt of the Carnegie collection model. 

Review: Gallimimus (Jasman)

3.3 (4 votes)
Gallimimus and ornithomimosauria in general are poorly represented in the world of dinosaur models and toys. Recently CollectA fixed this with their outstanding figure of Deinocheirus but Deinocheirus is only known from scant remains and while it is a marvelous example of the group we could still use more figures of the better known genera.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Jasman)

1 (6 votes)
I feel compelled to start this review with a bit of a disclaimer and a warning. First off, I want to point out that this is not the type of stuff I normally collect. My tastes are far more refined than that. However, like other intrepid collectors I always end up with a certain amount of bycatch, stuff that comes along with what I actually want but I’m not actually targeting.

Review: Spinosaurus (Jasman)

1.5 (4 votes)
Look at that, a whole week almost passed us by without one of these Jasman reviews. Well, we can’t let that happen now can we? Next up is the Jasman Spinosaurus, an odd blend of pure awfulness and kitschy appeal. This toy was released in 2001 alongside a sequel to a popular dinosaur franchise that just so happened to feature the same genus that this toy represents.
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