Dimetrodon (Inpro)

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Enough has been said about Dimetrodon. Although it is not a dinosaur, it is among the four best-known prehistoric creatures, together with T.rex, Mammoth and “Brontosaurus”. Dimetrodon is a favourite choice of nearly every company. This seems to have a long tradition, since even Marx and Linde in the 50s and 60s released this Permian synapsid as a figure.

English company Inpro released a line of prehistoric animals 38 years ago in 1972. Among them was the obligatory Mammoth as well as the obscure and unique Heterodontosaurus. Admittedly they all look a little goofy, yet I think they are cool toys to collect and have much charm.

Inpro Dimetrodon is 7 cm long and 4 cm tall. Its colours vary from yellow and beige to blue, the sail is coloured in a strong orange. Back in 1972 there were not that many Dimetrodon figures on the market. Marx and Linde had released their classics already, maybe Starlux, too, but that was pretty much it. Inpro Dimetrodon probably made children happy back in the seventies, being a cool toy to play with. Today it’s a cool collectors’ item.

Okay, if you put nostalgic feelings aside, not that much is scientifically correct at this figure. I can´t help but regard it as a toy and not as a serious reconstruction. The overall sculpture is way too clumsy, without a neck. The sail is too high, according to the proportions of the animal. The eyes are very big, googly and the snout lacks the obligatory gap. It could be any reptiles´ snout. There are some wrong teeth exposed, looking more like the molars of plant eaters, painted with white stripes with a red “tongue” in between. The overall pose is rather static than vivid, with very reptile – like legs. No comparison to erected walking, Invicta Dimetrodon. One thing, however, is notable: The detailed scale and skin fold pattern. It gives the figure a leathery look. One can imagine how thick the skin of Dimetrodon could have been.

Yes, Inpro Dimetrodon looks more like an Ichtyostega with a sail on his back. Yet I like this figure very much. Primarily for the fact that it is that old already, but also for that X-Factor all the Inpros have. They may look ridiculous, but they are among the pioneers of prehistoric animal toys.

To be honest I’m not sure if Inpros are abundant or rare these days. Take a look on eBay here or ask the members of our dinosaur toy forum.

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