Dromaeosaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series by Creative Beast Studio)

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Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Dinotoyblog

Back in January I received the first batch of figures from the Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series 1/6 scale action figure Kickstarter, namely the ‘Nestlings’ and ‘Accessory Packs’, of which the Mononychus and Troodon have been reviewed (the latter by yours truly). With the Kickstarter campaign a few months away from turning two years old, these packs were enough to keep me occupied while I waited for the main draw of the Kickstarter to arrive: the ‘Deluxe Raptor’ action figures. Now that these have arrived, what better way to celebrate than to write a review for – what has become – one of my favorites in this entire lineup. The subject of my first review is none other then the Dromaeosaurus albertensis.

The Dromaeosaurus sculpt comes in two colorations. The first, which is part of the standard line of figures, is based upon the Northern Goshawk. The second, which is part of the ‘Fan’s Choice’ line of figures, is based upon the American Kestrel.

[Is it just me or is this incredibly confusing? ‘Creative Beast’, ‘Beasts of the Mesozoic’, ‘Raptor Series’, ‘Action Figure’, ‘Deluxe Raptor’, ‘standard line’, Fan’s Choice’, ‘Hatchlings’, and ‘Accessory Packs’ (which surely contain more than just “accessories” – can a Mononychus really be regarded as an accessory?). It’s enough to make an editor’s head spin. I want to categorise our reviews nice and neatly, and it doesn’t help that there seems to be inconsistency between the terminology on the website and packaging. For example, on the website, if you click ‘Action Figures’  you are taken to ‘Deluxe Raptors’, while the packaging for these toys is branded “1/6 Scale Dinosaur Action Figure” but not “Deluxe Raptors”. “Fan’s Choice” does appear on the packaging of those figures, so that’s official. My advice would be: simplify! But that’s a rant better-placed in a Dinotoyforum thread. I’m looking at you too, Schleich! Sorry, back to the review… – Ed].

So, this review will focus is the standard version of the Dromaeosaurus in the ‘Deluxe Raptor’ series of the ‘1/6 Scale Dinosaur Action Figure’ line of the ‘Raptor Series’ of the ‘Beasts of the Mesozoic’ line by ‘Creative Beast Studio’ [See what I mean! I like to keep Dinotoyblog review titles consistent and simple, so I’ve omitted some of these details. – Ed]. The figure comes inside beautifully designed packaging and includes a background insert which can be used as a display. The background depicts a wintry forest scene.

The sculpt itself is highly detailed, and features articulation at the jaw, tongue, neck, torso, tail, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and even sickle-clawed toe that dromaeosaurids are famous for is articulated. There is also an additional set of toes that are pointed downward and ‘closed’ for running or jumping poses. These can be easily swapped around and allow a wide variety of poses. The primary feathers and tail are made out of a rubbery material, while the rest of the sculpt is made of harder plastic.

Dromaeosaurus (standard version at left, Fan’s Choice colour version at right)) alongside the Mountains Environment Accessory Pack in the middle.

For accuracy this figure passes very well, especially as feathered dromaosaurids are often done incorrectly, if not outright omitting feathers altogether (like in the case of the Jurassic Park ‘Velociraptor’). To the point, it has been sculpted with feathers head to toe (literally in this case), and features both primary and secondary feathers, which is a point worth celebrating, as far too many feathered dromaeosaurid figures leave out the primary feathers they would have had in life. The primary feathers are attached on the hands, which is due to production reasons (since both the hands and feathers are made of separate materials). They merely emulate the appearance of being attached at the second digit. Even this figure’s fingers and toes are covered in feathers instead of the usual scales dromaeosaurids are depicted with in these areas. Dromaeosaurus is not very well known so the exact proportions may be hit or miss. However, the skull is done correctly, as it is short and deep, and it is not shrink-wrapped either. The head also features lips covering its teeth.

Dromaeosaurus (standard version at left, Fan’s Choice colour version at right)) alongside the Mountains Environment Accessory Pack in the middle.

The figure also comes with a base, a posing rod, and two clips that can be used to help the figure stand on the base. The underside of the base also features a place to store the extra interchangeable toes that are not in use. The bases for all the figures in this line are the same sculpt, but all have unique paint schemes. The standard (or non-Fan’s Choice) version of the Dromaeosaurus base is snowy with dark rocks. The base can be used alongside the Mountains Accessory pack for some interesting diorama potential.

Dromaeosaurus alongside the Mountains Environment Accessory Pack

These figures should be able to be purchased from Dan’s Dinosaurs, Everything Dinosaur, and Creative Beast’s own shop, and Big Bad Toy Store in due time (if not now).

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  • The editor’s insert made me laugh.

    This figure looks excellent and I am extremely excited waiting for mine!

  • I submitted a review some days ago and I don’t see it on this blog. What is happening and how do I solve this problem?

    • What is happening: Many people are submitting reviews, and some of them are ahead of you in line. There may also be priority given to very recent releases, since those are the figures people are most interested in reading about.
      How to solve the problem: Relax, there is no problem. It will be published by and by. The editors–there are two, and they each have full-time day jobs–like to give each review a little time at the top of the page so people have time to read the reviews and discuss the figures.

    • I sent you an email about your submission quite awhile ago. Did you never receive it? I’ll resend it anyway.

  • Sorry, but I can’t get past the marionette look.

  • Very nice review! It’s so nice to finally see these figures appear on the blog 🙂

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