Euoplocephalus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Photographs and review by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

Once again I am back to reviewing another of the DinoWaurs line, seeing what is worth hunting for and what is not. With ankylosaurs being described as the tanks of the Mesozoic, it’s unsurprising that a couple would be included in this line. We have Ankylosaurus, the obvious choice, and today’s subject, Euoplocephalus.

Starting off with size, this figure is 3” from nose to club and 1.3” from nose to hind feet. Another small-scale figure, or possible a youngster, the choice is yours. The colour is all over greenish grey with black shading in the wrinkles. Bit dull, but an herbivore like this can pull it off in my opinion. The pose is pretty dynamic, with the animal raised on its hind legs. I imagine this is going for a ‘browsing from a tree’ stance, as exposing your soft underbelly is traditionally a bad idea in a fight. It can be put on all fours, but it doesn’t work quite as well. I am not convinced that a Euoplocephalus could do this owing to the armour on the back and the lengths of the limbs.

Speaking of accuracy, this one again drops the ball. The head is a tad too long, the osteoderms on the back are too uniform, and while the front legs are accurately shorter than the front, they come off as a little too short. This was probably done in order to make the pose seem more plausible. I can say that the tail is right, if lacking in detail, and the details of the skull are featured, if not boxy enough.

Once more, I have to say there are better examples of this species out there to be bought. The pose looks great but brings up too many problems, and it seems very generic among ankylosaurs, as it misses many of Euoplocephalus’ features. If you want it, check DeJankins or eBay. Otherwise, skip it.

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  • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have plenty more lined up for review, so you will be getting a good look at this line.

  • A very interesting line. I did not know about this line until you started to review some of the figures from ‘DinoWaurs Survival’. Nice to explore in depth this line with your reviews. The pose is interesting also, it may be inaccurate but I think this is a nice try. It would be really nice to see more figures from this line. Nice and informative reviews of these toys.

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