Explorer with Dinos (1.2.3 by Playmobil)

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Playmobil’s 1.2.3 line is the equivalent of Lego’s Duplo line: simpler, safer versions of their main products aimed at toddlers. When I saw that there was a dinosaur-themed set among the 2018 releases, I knew that I had to get it for my son. As I write this, he’s still far too little to understand the first thing about prehistory, but he certainly enjoys banging the toys together or sucking on them. I eagerly look forward to enlightening him in the future. 🙂

Here we have an adorable little Triceratops measuring 11 cm long. Its colours are similar, but not identical to those of the large version: light orange with light brown spots and dark grey for the eyes and nasal horn. It is sculpted in a rigid standing pose with its tail curving to the right. The horns are mere nubs, the tip of the tail is blunt, the feet are like the legs on chairs, and the skin is completely smooth, but that’s toddler toys for you.

And here is a cute and cuddly-looking Tyrannosaurus rex. It measures slightly over 8 cm tall and 11 cm long. It is coloured dark green with red stripes and black eyes, making it more striking than the big version. As you can see, it’s sculpted in an upright Godzilla stance. The feet are shaped like rounded pentagons and the arms are simply sculpted on the sides of the body. There are also sculpted teeth lining the mouth. Can’t have a T. rex without teeth, you know! I’ll also note that both dinosaurs have prominent seam lines running down the middle of their bodies, but I don’t think any toddlers would care about that, let alone complain.

Now meet the explorer, whom I’ve named Franz. Unlike standard Playmobil figures, his only articulation is a rotating head and bending waist, and his hat is moulded to his head. His preferred mode of transportation is a brightly coloured ATV, or possibly a dune buggy. Gotta love the dinosaur tracks painted on the hood. Rounding off the set is a simple berry bush, which no doubt pleases the Triceratops!

This Playmobil set is exactly what it is. Obviously not at all intended for adult collectors like myself, but guaranteed to please any dinosaur enthusiast under the age of four. As such, I think it’s quite fun and a worthy purchase. Available wherever Playmobil products are sold.

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