Giganotosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

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At last the Carnegie Collection Giganotosaurus is available to the world. This is one of the finest dinosaur pieces of its generation, due to its high level quality. This is simply one of the best dinosaurs Carnegie has ever released, not because it’s an impressive dinosaur, but because it’s very accurate, and very detailed. Giganotosaurus is carnosaur found in Argentina. It lived along some of the biggest animals to ever walk the land.

Giganotosaurus Carnegie
Giganotosaurus Carnegie

At a little more than 30 cm long, he’s slightly longer than the Carnegie Tyrannosaurus (as he is in scale with the rest of the line). Giganotosaurus harbored a lot of attention by the media recently, because it appears to be the longest theropod found yet. Carnegie has done an excellent job producing Giganotosaurus carolini in all its glory.

Giganotosaurus Carnegie
Giganotosaurus Carnegie

The figure is colored in a beautiful mix of cerulean blue, creamy white for the underbelly, and darker cerulean blue all over its back, with some light green stripes running along. The Giganotosaurus is posed in a sort of “I’m king of the world” pose, with an open mouth, and a classic “roar” stance. It towers over most other Carnegie Collection dinosaurs. It’s certainly one of the most impressive dinosaur molds as of late, with its awesome color, size, detail, and above all, accuracy. It definitely deserves all the hype it’s getting among dinosaur collectors. This is a must buy for all dinosaur lovers. And he’s not that expensive, either. It can be found anywhere you look. In all major dino shops, museums, specialty stores, and so on.

Giganotosaurus Carnegie
Giganotosaurus Carnegie

Available here for example.

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  • I think it’s a really good figure. Mine stands fine on its feet with its tail held in the air 🙂 I’d really like it if a nice 1:40 scale Carcharodontosaurus figure were to be made. I prefer it to Giganotosaurus, and Safari’s is really bad.

  • Sinceramente creo que es una de las mejores creaciones de Carnegie,junto con Spinosaurus y Carnotaurus 2011.Yo lo tengo y la verdad es que estoy encantado: es fabuloso.Sería conveniente que en el futuro les dotasen a las figuras de un mayor dinamismo y no recurrieran siempre a la postura tipo trípode.Por lo demás excelente.Figura de altísima calidad.

  • io lo ho e’ un buon pezzo costo 18,00

  • Estoy de acuerdo con Kevin Luis de que es un dinosaurio de colores un tanto subrrealistas aunque su postura trípodo como suele hacer la marca Safari es bastante obsoleta pero yo creo que no había otra opción para hacerlo proporcionado. Pero a pesar de todo la figura está bien hecho y es quizás el mejor.
    El de Schleich realizado en el año 2010 hay que reconocerlo que esta empresa ha hecho lo que ha podido, su cabeza está en forma de ver bien hecha. Pero sus patas son demasiado gruesas y no se corresponden a la realidad aunque claro, para hacerlo de este tamaño… Y lo de siempre, que aunque digan que está hecho a escala 1:40 no es cierto. Además como apuntaba el blog de dinosaurio del juguete de finales de 2009 está muy achaparrado.

  • Got it today and it instantly became one of my favourite figures. Superb details, great colourscheme!

  • ese dinosaurio es una cagada

  • Dinosaur in red and blue color ? What a shame

  • I agree about its slender size. I am glad Carnegie did not over exaggerate Giganotosaurus’s size. He is more slender than Trex and should be.
    Great figure.

  • Love how Safari made it slender compared to Rex. Exactly how it should be….

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  • I like this figure but im not ‘Lovin It’ as much as others. Mine sometimes falls over forward and the bottom jaw seems to bend downwards too much. Maybe i just got a bad one but i still do like it and think its well worth the money. Congrats Safari on all your new eforts, Keep up the good work.

  • I’m waiting for mine to show up with the new Papo Allosaur and Procon T-Rex.
    All pictures of this latest carnivore figurine look great!

  • Wow…Just…Wow O_O

    I absolutely have to grab it!!!

  • This is going to be my next dino figure purchase. Awesome figure!

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