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Dinosaur Colosseum (2019 release by Takara Tomy)

2.5 (39 votes)

Hello, who’s this?

Takara Tomy is a prolific toy manufacturer which has produced a number of dinosaur-related toys in the past. Most of these toys have been released under the ANIA (sometimes “Animal Adventure”) line, but some have received more unique lines of their own. One such line, short-lived as it appears to have been, was the Dinosaur Colosseum, which first released in 2015 as a set of three blind-boxed figurines (almost blind – each box has a unique numbering for identification).

Giganotosaurus (2020)(Mojo Fun)

2.4 (14 votes)

Review and photos by Stegotyranno, edited by Suspsy

Today we will take a look at Mojo Fun’s new 2020 Giganotosaurus carolinii, a large carcharodontosaur from the Candeleros Formation of Argentina, It was related to such beasts like Mapusaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus. It was discovered in 1995 and is often considered larger than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Giganotosaurus (Bullyland)

3 (9 votes)
The end of 2018 is nearing, and with the upcoming 2019 releases of several brands, everybody and their moms and probably cats and dogs is talking about the new Eofauna Giganotosaurus. And while this certainly deserves the attention, let’s not forget the already existing models of that enigmatic predator not being reviewed yet.

Giganotosaurus (Carnage Collection by ReSaurus)

4.4 (11 votes)
The late 1990s saw the release of a particularly unique line of figures known as the Carnage Collection by ReSaurus. Eight (that I’m aware of) boldly patterned and articulated dinosaur models were produced before the line ended. The models seem very much aimed at kids, all representing flamboyant and mostly carnivorous dinosaurs.

Giganotosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.5 (31 votes)
At last the Carnegie Collection Giganotosaurus is available to the world. This is one of the finest dinosaur pieces of its generation, due to its high level quality. This is simply one of the best dinosaurs Carnegie has ever released, not because it’s an impressive dinosaur, but because it’s very accurate, and very detailed.

Giganotosaurus (Dinosaur Action by Kid Galaxy)

1.4 (86 votes)

Review and photographs by thunderlizard, edited by Suspsy

Kid Galaxy has released several dinosaur figure sets under the “Dinosaur Action” line. Most of these consist of Hasbro Jurassic Park III bootlegs. One of these sets, the Dinosaur Action 10 Pack, released in 2019, includes this Giganotosaurus. The figure heavily resembles the Dorling Kindersley model from books, and it’s most likely based on it, as Kid Galaxy has used DK models for reference before. 

Giganotosaurus (Eofauna)

4.3 (24 votes)

Few figure of the 2019 line up have been as eagerly awaited as Eofauna’s first attempt on a true dinosaur. With the release of two stunning proboscidae Eofauna showed its potential and after my 2nd review on a Giganotosaurus figure last autumn, it’s now time for the follow up…

The coarse leaves of the araucarian trees are rustling in the hot and steady breeze.

Giganotosaurus (Mini)(Papo)

1.6 (14 votes)
Not to be outdone by CollectA and Safari, Papo began releasing its own series of miniature prehistoric figures back in 2014. They then took things a step further by re-releasing these miniatures for individual sale with new colour schemes.

This Giganotosaurus is one such example. It was originally released in 2015 as part of a six figure set, in typically bland Papo-style colours.

Giganotosaurus (Nanmu)

3.7 (20 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

If you are of a certain age then chances are that this animal was not among the species in the dinosaur books that you may have had growing up. Formal recognition came in 1995 (by Rodolfo Coria‭ & ‬Leonardo Salgado) with its name, Giganotosaurus, meaning “giant southern lizard.” A reference to its location in the Southern Hemisphere with remains found in Argentina at the Candeleros Formation.

Giganotosaurus (Papo)

2.9 (28 votes)

Review by GiganotosaurusFan, photos by Dino Scream3232, edited by Suspsy

A long time ago, Edward Drinker Cope found the largest carnivore that ever existed, Tyrannosaurus rex, although he thought it was a ceratopsid, so he named it Manospondylus gigas. Eventually, however, Henry Fairfield Osborn gave it the iconic name that we know today.

Giganotosaurus (Small)(Schleich)

1.7 (15 votes)
Giganotosaurus is one of the largest known theropods, exceeding even Tyrannosaurus rex in body length, though not in mass. Its razor-sharp teeth were superbly adapted for slicing through the leathery hides of the rebacchisaurs and titanosaurs that lived alongside it in Cretaceous South America.

Today I’ll be examining the 2017 repaint of the small Schleich Giganotosaurus originally released in 2015.

Giganotosaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. ltd)

4 (19 votes)

Although we aren’t short on good-quality Giganotosaurus toys these days, Favorite’s new take is a worthwhile rendition with a few unique traits of its own.

Giganotosaurus (Giant Southern Lizard) might not stand within the most famous ring of dinosaur genera, but I’d say it’s hardly obscure by this point in history.

Giganotosaurus (TipToi by Ravensburger)

2.4 (5 votes)
Review and photos by Lanthanotus, edited by Suspsy
Large carnivores are always worth a headline, be it a shark attack or a prehistoric discovery in a country as neglected by international news media as Australia. Back in 1995 the world’s public was introduced to a dinosaur species which had been discovered two years before in the endless wastes of Patagonia by Rubén Dario Carolini, who is also the species’ namesake: Giganotosaurus carolinii.
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