Giganotosaurus (Dinosaur Action by Kid Galaxy)

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Review and photographs by thunderlizard, edited by Suspsy

Kid Galaxy has released several dinosaur figure sets under the “Dinosaur Action” line. Most of these consist of Hasbro Jurassic Park III bootlegs. One of these sets, the Dinosaur Action 10 Pack, released in 2019, includes this Giganotosaurus. The figure heavily resembles the Dorling Kindersley model from books, and it’s most likely based on it, as Kid Galaxy has used DK models for reference before. 

Giganotosaurus needs little introduction, being one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as being featured (albeit highly inaccurately) in Jurassic World: Dominion. As for the figure, it is considerably smaller than most Giganotosaurus figures you can find on the market, being only 7 inches long and 3 inches tall, putting it at about 1:70 scale.

The paintwork is fairly sloppy, with a bright green fading into a yellowish-brown color. The teeth are painted yellow with a fair amount of it bleeding onto the lips. Inside the mouth, the large tongue is painted pink, but strangely, the gums are still painted the same green as the rest of the body. The hands and feet are painted a darker brown, with no claw paint.

As for the accuracy of the figure, it’s average for Kid Galaxy, no Safari or CollectA here. The head is too small for the huge skull of Giganotosaurus. Both the arms and feet are undersized, with the feet needing it for balance. The thing is also shrink-wrapped, as you can see the rib cage through the skin. There is also a row of osteoderms running down the length of the creature’s spine, but there is a strange lack of the osteoderms above the dinosaur’s hips. The skull has the normal carcharodontosaurid shape, which is accurate. 

Overall, I think this is an alright to mediocre figure. It’s most definitely not a centerpiece for your collection, but it would probably be good for some kid when they get bored of Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus. As far as I know, this figure is still in production, and the sets are available at Costco.

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Comments 3

  • this is my first review so it’s kinda bad

  • Happy to see another Kid Galaxy review on here. Kid Galaxy’s dinos aren’t usually good, but I find some of them (like this one) nostalgic, having grown up on a lot of the DK books.

  • Yet another rip-off of the old Doris Kinderseley dinosaur book Giganotosaurus design. Right down to the paint job. This is the worst one I’ve yet seen, although for pennies you get what you pay for.

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