Giganotosaurus (2020)(Mojo Fun)

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Review and photos by Stegotyranno, edited by Suspsy

Today we will take a look at Mojo Fun’s new 2020 Giganotosaurus carolinii, a large carcharodontosaur from the Candeleros Formation of Argentina, It was related to such beasts like Mapusaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus. It was discovered in 1995 and is often considered larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. Many experts have tried to calculate the size of Giganotosaurus, due to the incomplete remains, with estimates ranging from 10 metres to 16 metres! However, today it’s accepted that it reached a length of 12 or 13 metres and was slightly less built than Tyrannosaurus. Giganotosaurus lived with dinosaurs such as Ekrixinatosaurus, Buitreraptor, Limayasaurus, and Andesaurus.

Aesthetics: I really like this figure; in fact, it’s one of my favorites. There’s many osteoderms and details on it. The eyes seem out of place and the feet are a little bigger than they should be, but that is fine for me. The colors are simple: dark emerald green over a yellowish-brown, with a reddish crest and yellow-orange eyes. Simple, but still good. And did I mention that it’s GIGANTIC (in the ballpark of 15” in length), especially for a Mojo figure? I also wish the torso and up were more higher. It is honestly pretty cool for me. 9/10

Playability: It’s rather solid and a large figure, and I don’t think it’s good for little kids, but great for those 8 years and up if they are responsible. It’s also great for display too. I do not really play around with it in like the dirt or in a sandbox, but I recommend not doing so. 6/10

Accuracy: Of course, being a Mojo figure, accuracy is not what you really get. But taking a closer look at this figure, especially the skull, you can see it’s more accurate than you may have thought at first. The skull bears a resemblance to this artwork and this revised Giganotosaurus skull. As for the Giganotosaurus‘ body, it seems like most Mojo figures in that it is debatable. There are inaccuracies small and big, such as “clown feet,” osteoderms, a curling tail, and strange spikes. But on the bright side, it has non-pronated hands. It’s better than the average Mojo figure, but not in the Safari/CollectA league. I’m no expert but based on my knowledge I give it a 7/10 for accuracy.

Overall, it’s better than most Giganotosaurus, but not the best on the market. I give it a 9/10 in my opinion, so about 5 stars. Thanks to my good man Andy’s Dinosaur Reviews for these figures!

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  • New images for review.

  • “Many experts have tried to calculate the size of Giganotosaurus, due to the incomplete remains, with estimates ranging from 10 meters to 16 meters! However, today it’s accepted that it reached a length of 12 or 13 meters and was slightly less built than Tyrannosaurus. ”
    For giganotosaurus fans, not all hope is lost! It’s only been 25 years since the discovery and also the remains of Giganotosaurus are far less complete than Tyrannosaurus. It is very likely giganotosaurus could be larger and more muscular than tyrannosaurus. But today, its accepted tyrannosaurus was larger

  • @Loon On carpet they fall and tip over, but on flat areas they are perfect

  • Why Grandma, what big feet you have…

  • Do these Mojo figures bend easily? This figure looks like it’s about to tip over.

  • The giganotosaurus in relation to its head and part of the body is within the acceptable and it would even put a high mark on the notable, which spoils the figure, as its oversized feet have already been commented, otherwise it is a great figure and the best made by this Mojo brand of this South American theropod.

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