Gigantoraptor (DinoWaurs Survival)

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It always seems that whenever you start collecting something where you don’t know what is in the packaging, be it a blind bag, booster card pack etc., there is always a certain figure or card they are specifically looking for, such as a rarity or favourite. This review will cover the figure I was hunting for, and eventually got: Gigantoraptor, the giant oviraptor of the Gobi Desert. This species has fascinated me for a while, and the fact there are so few figures of it made this a must have for me. Let’s see if it was worth hunting down.

Let’s start on general details. At 1.3” high and 2.7” long, it is a small figure, working well for a juvenile in a display. Once more, we have an all over grey with dark shading on wrinkles and feathers (more on that in the accuracy section). The pose is very placid, just standing and looking around. While I do like that it avoids a tripod pose, the small feet make it hard to get the figure to stand.

To accuracy! The lengths of the neck, tail, arms and legs are very good, and the body seems to be decently sized. The feathers are a decent addition, for the head plume and arms, as well as the back. The execution, however, is miss matched and sloppy, as the feathers on the back and tail do not extend to the neck and are formed in a similar manner to the wrinkles on the body, and the other plumes are too uniform. Also, the figure has the issue of pronated hands and the head lacks a beak or the right shape for an oviraptorid.

Once more, the mass manufacturing and cheap nature of these blind bag figures turn this into a mixed bag of a figure, decent but not great. I still like this figure and don’t regret having it, but it is up to you to decide if it is worth the hunt.

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