Herbivore dinosaur set (Wenno)

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Cheap dinosaur sets are fairly common on the market, offering a variety of creatures for a reasonable price (though usually picked from a very select group of species), something to keep kids entertained for a few hours. Wenno are a prime example of this, having released a few sets for ancient and modern species. In this review, I am looking over their herbivorous dinosaur set, rating them from worst to best.

We start with the worst, and you may be forgiven for thinking it’s a Hadrosaur of some sort. But that’s not what the fact card says. Apparently, this is Igaunodon! The greenish lumpdoesn’t even have the classic characteristics. The neck is huge, the body too slim and the classic thumb claw absent. At 6.5£ long and 2.5″ high, it’s not a bad size, if I could decide what it was.

Next, a staple sauropod, Brachiosaurus. At 6.9″ high and 8.5″ long, a decent size. However, an issue arises from this that hangs over the set: plagiarism. This figure, aside from issues like the feet and skull shape, looks horrendously like the Schleich Brachiosaurus, even down to the colour scheme and pattern. It’s shameless.

Next up, Stegosaurus, arguably the cheapest feeling of the set. The mix of red, green and beige are odd, almost retro feeling, along with the tail dragging it’s doing. At 5.5″ long and 2.8″ high, it’s small enough, and lacking in features enough, to be a juvenile for larger figures.

Next, unsurprisingly, is Triceratops, and old three horned face looks quite good here. The brown-beige mix is good, and the size of 5.4″ long and 2.7″ high means it mixes well with other lines. Pity the that it is another plagiarised piece, yet again looking like a cheaper version of the better, and larger, Schleich Triceratops. Shame really.

Finally, we have my personal favourite, Ankylosaurus. Suitably squat, it measures 4.8″ long and 1.8″ high. The mix of greens and beige scutes works quite well, and the entire figure is decently sculpted. Not too much wrong here anatomically either. Well rounded.

This is a highly mixed bag, but not without flaws, to the point where it feels easy to pass over. I found this cheap set a few years back, and that was reasonable for it. The prices have risen on certain sites though, so I say, if you do want it, don’t pay more than £/$10 for it.

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  • Really love the ankylo.

  • Love the ankylo.

  • The Triceratops is indeed a copy of a Schleich version, but we no longer have that review in the Schleich pages ( it disappeared during the re-organization of these). The Ankylosaurus is a knock-off of the first Schleich Replicasaurus line Saichania (though it’s closer to a Euplocephalus).

    I wasn’t aware of this line, so thanks for the review.

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