Brand: Wenno

Guanlong (Wenno)

2.4 (5 votes)
The unusual Chinese tyrannosauroid, Guanlong, was described in 2006, so it is understandably represented by only a few toys. Safari Ltd gave it a half-hearted shot, as did Geoworld and Kaiyodo, but the definitive Guanlong is still lacking. Unfortunately, this Wenno Guanlong is not going to fill that void.

Herbivore dinosaur set (Wenno)

2.7 (7 votes)

Cheap dinosaur sets are fairly common on the market, offering a variety of creatures for a reasonable price (though usually picked from a very select group of species), something to keep kids entertained for a few hours. Wenno are a prime example of this, having released a few sets for ancient and modern species.

Lambeosaurus (Wenno)

1.8 (4 votes)
We haven’t talked about Chinese company Wenno (see their website) here before, so, let’s take a look. Wenno seem to sell their figures only in sets, not individually. They produce several modern animal sets representing different geographical regions (continents and oceans); a couple of endangered animal sets; and four prehistoric sets: Jurassic, Cretaceous, Herbivore and Carnivore.
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