Lambeosaurus (Collecta/Procon)

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Review and photos by Stefan Schröder (alias Libraraptor)

This Collecta Lambeosaurus is indeed a strange reconstruction of this upper Cretaceous hadrosaur. In this review I would like to explain why.

But basics first: The Lambeosaurus measures 14, 5 centimetres in length and is 6, 5 centimetres tall. This corresponds to a 1:40 scale. Funnily its highest point is its very end, but more about that later.
First of all there is its colouring. Except of the Invicta Iguanodon, few other dinosaur reconstructions have such a glaring colouring. It is yellow blended with cream tones. Especially the head is very nice, the crest and the snout being lovely coloured in red, light blue and green, while the bill and the cheeks are brown. The skin pattern isn´t scaly but shows many small knobs who probably are meant to hint at knuckles.

Lambeosaurus Collecta

Another aspect that makes the Collecta Lambeosaurus rather an unusual reconstruction is its posture. Other figures, for example the Invicta or the great Kayodo Dinoland Series one show it quadruped too, but with a much more bended spine, while this one here looks more mammal like. Besides, I have never seen such a fat Lambeosaurus figure. The neck isn´t S-shaped but straight so one can say that scientifically this reconstruction is probably not correct. As said above, the highest point is its very end. Another critical aspect are its hind feet who look very clumsy, looking more like the foot of a horse than that of a reptile.

Lambeosaurus Collecta

But in its whole appearance it is lovely, neat to look at and credible in its appearance. Collecta chose an approach to reconstructing a dinosaur deriving from a different way to interpret its skeleton. Maybe because of this unusualness I love this figure very much.

Lambeosaurus Collecta

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