Macrauchenia (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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The isolation of South America during much of the Cenozoic era resulted in the evolution of many odd and unique creatures, like the Liptotern Macrauchenia. This odd ungulate has fascinated many since it’s discovery by Charles Darwin, and has been the subject of many art peices and toys. Here, we look at the attempt by Geoworld. Is it a gem or a flop? Let’s find out!

As always, I want to talk about the featured fact card, as this brings up many problems with Geoworld. As with all the mammals, however, it is just an airbrushed version of the animal, no plagiarism here. Let’s move on.

To the figure proper! It has a scale of 1:20, reasonably large at 5.2″ long and 5.4″ high. The pose is nice, as if it’s browsing from a tree, pretty calm for a herbivore. The colouring is is pretty similar to most the rest of the Macrauchenia figures, a mix of browns and sandy yellows. Looks quite good.

Now to accuracy. Geoworld is notorious for inaccuracies, so will this suffer as a result? This comes out as a very bulky incarnation of Macrauchenia, especially in the legs. It fits with the rest of the figure’s proportions, but I am not sure it should be this muscular. The tail is quite short, but not too far off, and the trunk (presuming it had one) rather long. Aside from these, it’s pretty good, with an accurate skull, leg length and neck. Not too bad overall.

For a Geoworld figure, this isn’t terrible, despite it’s flaws. It’s not the best Macrauchenia out there, the Safari model wins there, but if you want a little variation, this is still serviceable. If you like it, pick it up.

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